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Contemporary realistic fiction is often set in the_____?
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What is a children's book that is literature:Has breadth and remains relevant and meaningfulThe Newbery Medal (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. is given annually by the American Library Association to the "most _____________ contribution to American literature for children..."distinguishedWhich of the following was ineligible for a Newbery Medal?- Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone - Charlotte's Web - Better Nate Than Ever - The Wednesday Wars - The CrossoverAccording to the Newbery Medal terms and criteria, only works of fiction are eligible for consideration.FalseSelect all that apply. In choosing a Newbery Award winner, committee members will consider:Interpretation of the theme or concept Presentation of information including accuracy, clarity, and organization Development of a plot Delineation of characters Delineation of a setting Appropriateness of styleUse repetition, accumulation, and rhythm to make an entertaining storyCumulative talesRevolve around a character's incredibly stupid and funny mistakes.Humorous talesContain elements of magic or enchantment.Fairy TalesExplain a phenomena of nature.Pourquoi talesHighly exaggerated accounts or real or imagined people.Tall talesContain no magic and exaggerations are limited to the possible.Realistic talesTrue or false: Traditional literature has no known or identifiable authors.TrueThe theory that the first humans created traditional tales and took them along as they populated the globe is known as the ___________________ theory.MonogenesisAll of the following are true of traditional literature EXCEPT:- plots are short and simple. - themes are limited. - action is concentrated. - characters are multidimensional.The different interpretations of Cinderella across the globe are known as:VariantsA contemporary telling of an ancient story is known as a:Retold storyClass-conscious tales are referred to as (select all that apply):castle tale cottage taleAccording to this text, the terms fairy tale and folktales are interchangeable.FalseWhy is traditional literature often criticized? Select all that apply.Many folktales omit a strong feminine voice Many folktales are too gruesome and have to be rewrittenTrue or false: In traditional literature, plot plays an important role.TrueAccording to the textbook, what is the hallmark of the modern fantasy genre?Stories that are highly imaginative yet believable.Traditional literatureIs handed down through oral traditionModern fantasywritten by a known authorIn her article for The Horn Book, Diedre Baker emphasizes that at it's heart, great modern fantasy is:an exploration of human natureThemes are particularly significant in fantasy as they unify and illuminate a story, focusing on what it means to be human in a complex world. Why is this powerful for fantasy readers? Correct!It provides a safe place to explore an alternative world as a metaphor for life in their own world._________ themes are revealed through actions and events, whereas __________ themes are directly stated by the author.Implicit ExplicitIn her Ted Talk, Kate Messner describes how authors of fantasy and science fiction build worlds by creating:- rules - languages - lineages - mapsWhich elements below are characteristics of animal fantasy stories?Animals talk and have the ability to reason. Animals experience emotions.What is the main motif of quest stories?A searchWhat is a critical element of science fiction stories?The story must appear to have some element of scientific plausibility or technical possibility to the reader.Match with genre: Charlotte's Web Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone The GiverAnimal fantasy High Fantasy Science fictionWhich categories does the textbook offer for defining The Tale of Despereaux?-modern fairy tale -quest fantasy -Animal fantasyHow long ago does a novel have to be set in order to be considered historical fiction?One generation or more (twenty years)True or False: With historical fiction, we consider whether the book explores universal themes without being didactic.TrueSelect all that apply. The literary elements of particular significance for historical fiction are:Setting Point of viewWhat is a jackdaw?A collection of artifacts and regalia from a particular event or periodIn her article "Writing BackwardPreview the documentView in a new window," what fault does Anne Scott MacLeod find with the historical fiction novels such as Sarah, Plain and Tall, The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, and Catherine, Called Birdie?They evade the social realities of their settings.According to MacLeod, historical fiction must be both good _________and good ________Fiction HistoryThe two universal themes in historical fiction and biography mentioned by the textbook are:Searching for freedom from persecution Family closeness in times of adversityComplete biographyCovers the entire life span of personPartial biographycovers one event or a few years of personCollectedincludes life stories of several peopleAuthenticdocuments life with factual informationWhat two elements blossomed in biographies in the 1960's and 1970's that made the genre better?Realism DiversityIn discussing picture book biographies, Bader argues that _____ matters, both in art (drawing) and in text (storytelling).StyleThe main purpose of informational books is to:help readers understand aspects of the real worldTrue or False: "Informational books" and "textbooks" are interchangeable classifications.FalseInformational literature was recognized as a genre with the establishment of:The Orbis Pictus AwardInformational literature for children rapidly developed in response to:The Sputnik launchWriting that explains is called:expository writingIn informational books, the reader is able to look inside something through:cut awaysA reader can find a particular topic using a book's:indexTrue or False: In general, students tend to perform better on literary reading than on informational reading.TrueStudies on reading and informational literature found all to be true EXCEPT:Students who read more magazines had a lower average reading profeciencyThe Magic School Bus series is an example of a:Multigenre bookTrue or false: According to the research cited in Why Read Informational Books? some young readers prefer informational books over fiction.TrueChildren who read informational books are exposed to:abstract language content knowledge high-level vocabThe space between panels is known as the:GutterTrue or False: The same vocabulary used to analyze narrative text (metaphor, allusion, plot, setting, etc) can be used to analyze narrative pictures.TrueEmantamarks drawn near a character to portray emotionTransitionsthe process of closure between panelsSplasha panel that spans the width of the pageCamera anglea perspective or point of view on the subjectIn terms of literacy, graphic novels and comics books typically have vocabulary that's _____ as complex as what's in a children's chapter book and is ___________ as complex as when adults have a conversation with children.twice, three times