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the preposition used to mean in as in, 'inside'

elle est dans sa chambre

she's in her room

qu'est-ce que tu as dans la bouche?

what's in your mouth?

il habite dans Manhattan même

he lives right in manhattan

j'ai mis la lettre dans l'enveloppe

I put the letter in the envelope


the french say: Tu es ____ l'avion


the french say: tu es ____ le train

montez dans la voiture

get in the car (formal)


preposition used when referring to a street location with rue

elle habite dans la rue possonnière

she lives on poissonnière street


preposition used when referring to a street location with 'la route' or 'le boulevard'


preposition used to mean in a period of time, if that period of time has not yet taken place

ils vont partir dans une heure

they're going to leave in an house

la nouvelle succursale ouvrira dans un mois

the new branch will open in a month

la succursale

the branch (of a company)

article, possessive adjective

dans is always followed by a(n) ______ or a(n) _______


preposition used when an article or possessive adjective does NOT follow

les étudiants font attention en classe

the studiants pay attention in class

j'aime voyager en avion

I like to travel by plane


preposition used before an element of time to convey how much time is or was spent doing something

j'ai lu le roman en trois heures

i read the novel in three hours

il a fait ses devoirs en dix minutes

he did his homework in ten minutes


preposition used to express 'in' or 'to' in front of all feminine countries and provinces

je l'ai connue en allemagne

I met her in germany

j'ai passé deux semaines en dordogne

I spent 2 weeks in Perigord (fem.)

j'ai passé deux semaines dans le périgord

I spent 2 weeks in Perigord (masc.)


preposition used to mean in, as in 'made of'

je cherche un sac en cuir

I'm looking for a leather bag


preposition used before the present participle to mean 'by' or 'while'

elle tricote en écoutant les informations

she knits while listening to the news

c'est en foregeant qu'on devient forgeron

it's by blacksmithing that one becomes a blacksmith


preposition used to mean 'on', as in physically on the surface of something

je suis sur la photo

I'm in the picture

out of

with numbers, sur means ______

un garçon sur trois

one boy out of three

à pied

on/by foot

à droite

on the right

par terre

on the floor


on purpose

en feu

on fire



on ne peut pas respirer sous l'eau

oen cannot breathe under water

les arts on fleuri sous françois premier

the arts flourished under francis the first

il a disparu sous les yeux

he disappeared in plain sight

aimes-tu marcher sous la pluie?

do you like to walk in the rain?

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