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Socially constructed categories based on biological traits, that society defines as important.
Socially constructed categories based on cultural traits.
is an unfair generalization about a category of people.
example of prejudice
Scapegoat theory
claims that prejudice results from frustration among people who are disadvantaged.
Authoritarian personality theory
Claims that prejudice is a personality trait of certain individuals, especially with cold upbringing. (Adorno)
Culture Theory
claims that prejudice is rooted in culture; we learn to feel greater social distance from some categories of people.
Conflict Theory
Claims that prejudice is a tool used by powerful people to divide and control population.
refers to action by whichof people are reated unequally.
Attitudes regarding prejudice.
discrimination involves actions.
Institutional prejudice and discriminations.
are biases built in to societies institutions such as schools.
means that racial and ethnic categories, although distinct, have roughly qual social standing.
is the process by which minorities gradually spotty the patterns of the dominant culture.
is the physical and social separation of categories of people.
is the killing of one category of people, by another.
Aboriginal peoples
the earliest human inhabitants of the Americas, have endured genocide, segregation, and forced assimilation.
is biological, referring to bodily differences between males and females.
is cultural, referring to the behaviour, power, and priveleges a society attaches to being female or male.
Sexual revolution
Which peaked in the 1960's and 70's, drew sexuality in to the open.
Sexual counter-revolution
which was evident by the 80's, aimed criticism at "permissiveness" and urged a return to more traditional values.
Alfred Kinsey
Studied sexual behaviour, determined premarital sex became more common in the 20th century, that most people have sex before 17, canadians have sez more than once a week, 76% of Canadians having an affair is unacceptable.
Sexual orientation
is a persons romantic or emotional attraction to another person.
Teen pregnancy
between 2001 and 2010 teen pregnancy rates declined by 20%.
The law allows local communities to set standards of decency. Coservative, thinks its okay and liberal thinks it is demeaning to women.
the selling of sexual services is illegal almost everywhere in the US, but not Canada. Many people view it as voluntary, but it is often because of measures that they cannot control.
Sexual Violence
Rape, and according to research 92% of sexual violence are women.
Opposition to anti-abortion laws rose during the 90's, they declared that these laws are unconstitutional.
Structural-functional theory
highlights societies need to regulate sexual activity and especially reproduction. One cultural universal is incest taboo.
Symbolic-interaction theory
Emphasizes the various meanings people attach to sexuality. the social construction of sexuality can be seen in sexual differences between socieities and in change in sexual patterns over time.
Social-conflict theory
Links sexuality to social inequality. Feminist theory claims that men dominate women by devaluing them.
Gender Roles
All major agents of socialization - family, peer groups. etc.
Gender stratification includes:
Workplace, family, education, politics
Sexual harassment
mostly victimizes women because our culture encourages men to be assertive and to see women in sexual terms.
intersection theory
particular dimensions of difference in women's lives to combine in a multi-layered system. This creates a disadvantage for various categories of women.
endorses the social equality of women and men and opposes the patraiarchy and sexism.
Liberal feminsim
seeks equal opportunity for both sexes within the existing society.
Socialist feminism
claims that gender equality will come aboutt by replacing capitalism with socialism.
Radical Feminism
seeks to eliminate the concept of gender itself and to create an egalitarian and gender-free society.