20 terms

Chap 12

The double-pump function of the heart includes the right side, which serves as the __________ circuit pump and the left side, which serves as the ________ circuit pump.
Pulmonary; systemic
The folds of fibrous tissue that ensure a one-way flow of blood from the atria into the ventricles are the_______?
atrioventricular valves
The portion of the pericardial membrane that lies on the surface of the heart is the _______?
visceral pericardium
The visceral pericardium is the same as the _____?
The outer surface of the heart is covered by the _______?
The layer of the heart wall that contains cardiac muscle tissue, blood vessels, and nerves is the _______?
Blood returning from the systemic circuit first enters the ____________?
right atrium
Blood returning from the lungs enters the ________________ ?
Left atruim
The right ventricle pumps blood to the ______?
The left ventricle pumps blood to the _______?
Systemic circuit
The atrioventicular valve located on the right side of the heart is the ______?
tricuspid valve
The bicuspid or mitral valve is located _____?
between the left atrium and left ventricle
the entrance to the ascending aorta is guarded by ____?
semilunar valve
The function of an atrium is _____?
to collect blood
The left and right pulmonary arteries carry blood to the _____?
the correct sequential path of a normal action potential in the heart is _____?
SA node to AV node to AV bundle to bundle branches to Purkinje fibers
The pacemaker cells of the heart are located in the _____?
SA node
The first heart sound is heard when _____?
AV valves close
Systole and diastole refer to ____?
contraction and relaxation of the heart
Cardiac output is equal to the _____?
product of heart rate and stroke volume.