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Lecture Exam III

Which one of the following was first adopted by Joseph Lister in 1867 as a surgical germicide?
greater than one
A chemical that is a more effective disinfectant than phenol would have a phenol coefficient of:
Which one of the chemical compounds is found in Hibiclens?
Triclosan is the specific chemical agent that is in Dial antibacterial hand soap. The chemical category that this substance belongs to is ?
Which one of the following was introduced in the late 19th century for preventing gonococcal infections in the eyes of newborn infants who had been exposed to an infected birth canal?
chlorine & iodine
Two halogens which are most useful as antimicrobial agents are:
are cationic detergents
The active ingredients in Zephian, Phemerol, and Diaparene:
A physician wants to remove any bacterial endospores that may be contaminating her surgical instruments. She would choose which of the following compounds as a disinfectant?
A compound containing which of the following elements would be classified as a halogen?
The most common (and most effective) concentration of ethyl alcohol used for disinfection is:
Which one of the following is the most commonly used chlorine antimicrobial?
ethylene oxide
Which one of the following was emphasized as being a gaseous chemosterilizer?
organic acids
Which one of the following do you suppose might be used to control microbial growth in foods?
mercury is very toxic to body tissues
Mercury is rarely used in antiseptics in the modern era because:
Soaps are wetting agents, that is, they emulsify and solubilize particles clinging to a surface.
is chlorine
The gas used in municipal water supplies to keep bacterial populations low:
Who would you pick as the father of modern antibiotics?
Which one of the following men coined the term "chemotherapeutic" agent?
Ehrlich - tetracycline
Which is mismatched?
A compound synthesized by bacteria or fungi that destroys or inhibits the growth of other microbes is a/an:
be broken down and excreted rapidly
Which statement is not an aim in the use of drugs in antimicrobial chemotherapy? The drug should:
destroyed the cell wall
The powerpoint slide that you saw with Staph. being subjected to a cephalosporin antibiotic indicated that the drug:
used treat syphilis
Salvarsan was:
Antibiotics are derived from all the following except:
folic acid
It was found that the sulfonilamides (SO2N) interferes with the synthesis of:
skin rashes
The most common side effect of drug therapy appears to be:
Which one of the following antibiotics was mentioned as causing aplastic anemia?
penicillin G
Which one of the following would be a "narrow" spectrum antibiotic?
Nystatin would be used for Candida albicans infections of the female reproductive tract.
Penicillin could be considered as being the first of the modern chemotherapeutic agents.
they are toxic to internal organs
Why do you suppose that certain antibiotics are used only as topical creams?
plasmids, drug resistance
R factors are ? that contain a code for ?.
When a patient's immune system becomes reactive to a drug, this is an example of:
Gerhard Domagk
The German chemist who injected his daughter with a dye that saved her life and led to the discovery of the sulfa drugs was ?
Chemoprophylaxis involves the administration of drugs to prevent disease.
a fungus
The drug penicillin was isolated from which of the following organisms?
The B-lactam ring is associated with which one to the following:
The spectrum of activity of first generation cephalosporins most closely resembles:
Which one of the following has a narrow spectrum of activity?
Which one of the following interferes with PG synthesis?
Which one of the following is often used in combination with INH in the treatment of TB?
Which one of the following is not bacteriocidal?
a superinfection
An antibiotic that disrupts the normal flora can cause:
Protein synthesis inhibitors include all of the following except:
Which would not be a target of antimicrobial action?
inhibit synthesis of ergosterol
Which one of the following would represent the "action" of antifungal antibiotics?
Amphotericin B
Which one of the following would be a drug of choice for serious systemic fungal infections?
We indicated in our discussions that the sulfa drugs were effective against salmonellas.
Which one of the following would be a drug of choice against flagellate protozoans?
Haemophilis influenza
Which G- , bacillus shaped organism was discussed as a cause of sore throats, middle ear infections, and bacterial meningitis?
A drug of choice for psuedomembranous colitis is ?.
Chloroquine is effective against ?
Which one of the following would be considered to be the first of the modern chemotherapeutic agents?
an orange-red color in urine, tears and other body secretions
One notable side effect of rifampin therapy is:
The "Azole" family of drugs was mentioned in class. We emphasized that these drugs were effective against ?
Which one of the following do you suppose was isolated from prontosil by Pasteur Institute investigators?