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Romulus and Remus
Who were twin sons of the god Mars and a Latin princess?
She wolf
When the twins were abandoned on the Tobin River as infants they were raised by who?
7 rolling hills at a curve
Rome was built on ____________________-------- on the Tiber river, near the center of the Italian peninsula.
Latins, Greeks, and Etruscans
Who were the earliest settlers on the Italian peninsula ho arrived in prehistoric times
Palatine Hill
What did the Latins build the original settlement at Rome, a cluster of wooden huts atop one of its 7 hills?
Cities that become prosperous and commercially active
What did the Greeks establish?
Skilled metalworkers and engineers; boasted a system of writing and influenced Rome ( adopted their alphabet, used the arch)
Who were the etruscans?
Where laws were posted in the halls
What is a forum?
Tarquin the Proud
Who was the last king of Rome was was thought of as a harsh tyrant?
A form of government in which power rests with citizens who have the right to vote their leader
What is a republic
Free born male citizens
Who had the the voting right in Rome
In Ancient Rome a member of the wealthy, privileged upper class
In Ancient Rome one of the common farmers artisans merchants who made up most of the population
In Ancient Rome an official elected by the plebeians to protect their rights
Who represented the patricians?
Established the idea that all free citizens had a right to the protection of the law
What were the Twelve Tables
In the Rome republic, one of the two most powerful officials elected each year to commands the army and direct the government
One year
How long is a consul's term
True or false one consul could always overrule or veto the other's decision
In Ancient Rome, the supreme governing body, originally made up only of aristocrats
Tribal assembly
An assembly by the plebeians, ___________, elected the tribunes and made laws for the common people
In Ancient Rome a political leader given absolute power to make laws and command the army for a limited time
What is a dictator
6 months
How long does a term fir dictator last?
By the consuls and elected by senste
How are dictators chosen?
A military unit of the ancient Roman army made up of about 5, 000 foot soldiers and a group of soldiers on horseback
On the edge on North African parent country Tunisia
Where is Carthage located?
Who was a Carthage leader and strategist?
To put a sheet on the ground
What is a garam?
Tiber River
Rome was built on 7 rolling hills at a curve on the ________, bear the center of the Italian oeninsula
Latins, Greeks, Etruscans
Who were the earliest settlers on the Italian peninsula?
Punic wars
A series of three wars between Rome and Carthage; resulted in the destruction of Carthage and Rome's dominance over the western Mediterranean
29 year old Carthaginian general , was a brilliant strategist
Who were forced to work on rich estates after being captured?
By 100 BC enslaved persons formed ________ of Rome's empire or population
Urban poor
A group that tolerated about one fourth of Roman society
Tiberius and Gaius
Who were two brothers that were tribunes who proposed such reforms as limiting the size of estates and giving land to the poor?
Civil war
A conflict between two political groups within the same country
Julius Caesar
Who joined forces with Crassus, a wealthy Roman, and Pompey, a popular general?
Consul for ten years
With the help of Crassus and Pompey what were they able to accomplish for Julius?
A group of three leaders sharing control of the government
One year consul, then appointed himself governor of Gaul(France)
What did Julius Caesar serve as?
He went to go see the Senate and when he sat in his chair the plotters for his death took out their knives and stabbed him 23 times?
What happened to Julius Caesar o March 15
Marcus Brutus and Gaines Cassius
Who plotted Julius caesar's death?
Julius Caesar's grandnephew and adopted son 18 yrs old
Who was Octavian?
Take control of Rome and ruled for ten years as the second Triumvirate
Octavian joined an experienced General named Mark Anthony and a powerful politician which lead them to................
Augustus, imperator- supreme military commander
Octavian become the unchallenged ruler of Rome, titled................. or exalted one
Pax romana
A period of peace and prosperity throughout the Roman Empire, 27 BC to ad 180
Civil service
Augustus paid workers to manage the affairs of government, such as grain supply, tax collection, and the postal system; what was this xalled
Discipline, strength, and loyalty
What are the three main qualities Rome emphasized?
They were property of their owners
According to Roman law what were slaves?
As the empire grew s did a ew Felton called _____________.
Christianity started with ________ it emphasized a personal relationship between God and people -and attracted many romans
The home of the Jews around 63 BC
___________ then took control of the Jewish kingdom in AD 6 and made it a province of the empire
According to biblical tradition, God had promised that a savior known as the _____________ would arrive and restore the kingdom of Jews
Where was Jesus born?
The main source of the information about Jesus's life and teachings is the __________ the first four books of the New Testament
Where was Jesus raised?
John the baptist
Who baptized Jesus?
One of the followers of Jesus who preached and spread his teahcings
Some of the Gospels are thought to have been written by one of more of Jesus's disciples of pupils; these ______ men later came to be called apostles
Pontus Pilate
The Roman governor ________ accused Jesus of defying the authorities of Rome, he arrested Jesus and sentenced his to be crucified
Was a Jew who had never met Jesus and at first was an enemy of Christianity but after traveling to Dams us in Syria he had a vision of Christ and spent the rest of his life spread by and interpreting chests teachings
The dispersal of the Jews fro their homeland in Judea especially during the period of more than 1,800 years that followed the romans destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem in AD 70
Groups or individuals that innocently beat the blame for others
Who was the Roman emperor who stoped the persecution of Christians?
Edict of Milan
In the _____________________ Constantine declared Christianity a religion one o the religion approved by the emperor
Organized by people or group who are ranked one above the other according to stud and authority
Also known as priest, high ranking Christian official who supervises a number of local churches
Who become the first bishop who had traveled to from Jerusalem
Peter was the first___________ the father or head of the Christian church
Four Gospels, the epistles of Paul and other dovumentd
What does the New Testament have
Nicene Creed
Constantine called the church leaders to Nicaea In Anatolia, where They wrote the___________ which defines the basic beliefs of the church
Who taught that people could not receive the grace of God to be saved ; famous book: The City of God
Marcus Aurelius
Historians generally agree that the end of the Reign of the emperor_________________ marked the end of two centuries of peace and prosperity known Pax Romana.
Historians agree that the end of emperor ________ marked the end of two centuries of peace and prosperity known as the Pax Romana
A decline in the value of money accompanied by the rise in the prices of goods and services
A soldier who is paid to fight in the foreign army
A strong willed army leader ruled with an iron fist, restore order to the empire an increase in strength double the size of the Roman army
Divided the empire the east and the west
Diocletian believe that the empire had grown too large and too complex for one ruler so what did you do?
Which half The Empire did Diocletian rule
After Diocletian died _________ took over the western half then secured control of the east
Greco reman culture
Ancient culture that developed from a beefing if cultures
The port __________ spent ten years writing the most famous work Of Latin literature the Aeneid