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-Slave leader in the 3rd Servile War (Slave uprising war against the Roman Republic)
-Captured and Sold into Slavory
-Escaped from Gladiatorial School Training
-Leader of Gladiator Revolt
Crassus (Marcus Licinius Crassus)
-Roman General and Politician
-Played Key Role in the transformation of the Roman Republic to Roman Empire
-Son of a consul an distinguished general
-500 Slaves, Power+Money=Desirable
Appian (of Alexandria)
-Greek Historian w/ Roman citizenship
-Flourished during reins of emperors of Rome Trajan, Hadrian and Antonius Pius
-Ancient Author
-Became a Roman citizen (Lucius Mestrius Plutarchus)
-Greek biographer and essayist
-Greek writer/Philosopher
-Middle Platonist
-Known for "Parallel Lives and Moralia"
-Greek Physician, surgeon and philosopher
-Wrote in Greek,
-Biggest preserved corpus of any Greek Author
-Took care of / treated Roman Gladiators
Mark Antony
-Caesar's heir designate
-Only Known literary output = "On his own Drunkenness"
-Affair w/ Cleopatra
Livia (Later Augusta)
-1st Marriage to Tiberius Claudius Nero (Son from this marriage = Tiberius)
-2nd Marriage to Augustus
-Deified by the emperor Claudius in 42 CE
Alexander the Great
-Great King who conquered most of the Roman World at a young age
-Died young
-Conquests = 334-324 BCE
-Casear the god (Divus Lulius) minted 19 or 18 BCE
Julio-Claudian Emperors
1.) Augustus
2.) Caligula
3.) Nero
The successful model (63-14 CE)
-Emperor from 37-41 CE
-"Little Boots"
-Also known as Gaius
-Committed to spectacles and most importantly to turning his enemies into spectacles
-Assassinated in 41 CE
-NO respect or Roman institutions or senate
-Has power over life and death of everyone (inappropriate behavior)
-Does anything he pleases
-EVERYONE is subject to an aggravated death penalty
-Last emperor of the Julio-Claudian Dynasty
-37 AD-68 AD
-Adopted by his great uncle Claudius and became Claudius' heir and successor
-Blamed for burning down of Rome (started fire so that he could bypass the senate and rebuild Rome to his liking)
-Queen of Egypt (Foreign ruler)
-Caesar and her fall in love (Caesar not representing proper Roman values of social male elite)
-Coin (on obverse side)-34 BCE --> Antony on Reverse
-Most famous Roman Poet
-"Aeneid"--> Left unfinished at his death--> Epic poem in 12 books charting the journey of the hero Aeneas from Troy to Italy
The Parthinian Empire (Persian Empire)
-Expansionist Kingdom to the east of the Greek-Speaking World
-Established in 550 BCE by Cyrus and continues in various forms and under various names
-3rd c. BCE = Parthinian Empire
The Flavian Emperors
1.) Vespasian
2.) Titus
3.) Domitian
-Emperor from 69-79 CE
-Founder of the Flavian Dynasty
-Rome's 2nd Imperial Family
-Closely associated w/ the capture of Jerusalem
-Emperor from 79-81 CE
-General in charge of capture of Jerusalem
-Arch of Titus
-NOT a tyrant
-Succeeded his father Vespasian upon his death
-1st Roman Emperor to come to throne after his own biological father
-Emperor from 81-96 CE
-Bad emperor, bad reputation
-Son of Vespasian
-Becomes emperor after his brother Titus dies
-Likes being addressed as Dominus (Master)
-Murdered and subjected to Damnation Memoriae by the senate
-Roman Emperor from 177-192
-Ruled as co-emperor w/ fater Marcus Aurelius from 177-180 CE
-182 Commodus' sister met w/ group of senators to assassinate him (Failed-executed a lot of senators as a result)
-After his rule became increasingly arbitrary and vicious
-Brutal misrule precipitated civil strife that ended 84 yrs of stability and prosperity w/in the empire
-Roman Emperor from 284-305
-Born into a family of low status
-Rose through ranks of military to become Roman cavalry commander to the emperor Carus
-Restored efficient gov. to empire after the near anarchy of 3rd c.
-Reorganization of the fiscal, administrative and military machinery of the empire
-Laid the foundation for the Byzantine Empire in the East
-Reign is also noted for the last great persecution of the Christians
-Built a palace in the neighborhood of Salonae on the edge of the Adriatic (Modern town of Split Croatia)
Constantine (Constantine the Great)
-Roman Emperor from 306-337 AD
-1st Roman Emperor to profess Christianity--> initiated the evolution the empire into a Christian State (Closely related to his rise of Power)
-Growth of Byzantine and Western medieval culture
-Member of Imperial Court
-Huge Statue of him