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  1. admonish
  2. laughingstock
  3. wreak
  4. opaque
  5. quarantine
  1. a enforced isolation to prevent the spread of disease; to isolate for such purposes
  2. b to warn so a fault can be corrected or a danger avoided
  3. c a person or thing that is object of laughter
  4. d to inflict; to cause
  5. e not letting in light; unintelligible

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  1. to officially estimate the worth of
  2. wandering outside of established limits; straying
  3. to change a punishment to one less severe
  4. to issue a strong verbal attack
  5. to disagree

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  1. ponderlacking in quantity or vigor; scanty


  2. juncturea pint of time; a concurrence of events


  3. sluggishlazy; lacking energy


  4. monarchone who rules a state, usu. for like and by hereditary right


  5. mysticalhaving a spiritual sense or importance beyond human understanding