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  1. monarch
  2. admonish
  3. ponder
  4. relinquish
  5. delegate
  1. a to think over with great care
  2. b to entrust to another person; a person authorized to act as the representative of another
  3. c to surrender or release
  4. d to warn so a fault can be corrected or a danger avoided
  5. e one who rules a state, usu. for like and by hereditary right

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  1. lazy; lacking energy
  2. to direct through a series of movements; to manipulate into a desired position
  3. diligent; hard-working; constant
  4. to issue a strong verbal attack
  5. to disagree

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  1. quarantineenforced isolation to prevent the spread of disease; to isolate for such purposes


  2. laughingstockrelating to the sense of hearing


  3. opaqueto lessen in amount, intensity or strength


  4. pristineremaining in a pure state


  5. wreakwandering outside of established limits; straying


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