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Shoulder abduction- Muscle Strength

C5- Deltoid

Elbow flexion- Muscle Strength

C5, C6 - biceps

Wrist Extension- Muscle Strength

C6, C7, C8

Wrist Flexion- Muscle Strength

C6, C7

Hand Grip- Muscle Strength

C7, C8, T1

Finger abduction- Muscle Strength

C8, T1, ulnar nerve

Opposition of Thumb- Muscle Strength

C8, T1, median nerve

Hip Flexion - Muscle Strength

L2, L3, L4- iliopsoas

Hip adduction- Muscle Strength

L2, L3, L4- adductors

Hip abduction- Muscle Strength

L4, L5, S1 - Gluteus Medius and Minimus

Hip extension- Muscle Strength

S1- gluteus maximus

Knee extension- Muscle Strength

L2, L3, L4 - quadraceps

Knee flexion- Muscle Strength

L4, L5, S1, S2 - hamstrings

Foot dorsiflexion- Muscle Strength

mainly L4, L5 - tibialis anterior

Plantar flexion- Muscle Strength

mainly S1 - gastrocnemius

Extension of Great Toe - Muscle Strength

L5 - extensor hallucis longus

C5 - Light Touch

antero-lateral upper arm

C6 - Light Touch

Lateral wrist and thumb

C7 - Light Touch

Index and Middle Finger

C8 - Light Touch

Ring and Little Finger

T4 - Light Touch

Nipple Line

T10 - Light Touch


L1 - Light Touch

Inguinal Area

L2 - Light Touch

Anterior Upper Leg

L3 - Light Touch

Medial Upper Leg, Over Knee

L4 - Light Touch

Medial Calf

L5 - Light Touch

Lateral Calf and Over the Big Toe

S1 - Light Touch

Lateral foot and sole of foot

Elbow Extension- Muscle Strength

C6, C7, C8 - triceps

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