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Nathan is buying a cell phone for his business. The regular price of the cell phone is $179. If he buys the phone in the next 2 weeks, he will get a 20% discount. What will be the sale price of the phone?
Malachi bought a new fishing rod. The price of the fishing rod was $125. He has to pay 8.5% in tax. What is the amount of tax he must pay?
Kim's family spends $62.50 on dinner. They leave an 18% tip. How much is their bill including tip?
Last year there were 150 8th grade students. This year, there are 120 8th grade students. What is the percent of change in the number of students?
Last week Kyle ran 25 miles. This week she ran 32 miles. What was the percent of change in the number of miles ran?
A stereo system costs $275. It was on sale for 15% off. What is the sale price?
The purchase price of a keyboard is $200. Best Buy marks up the price by 35%. What is the new selling price?
Jake invested $500 into an account earning 5% simple interest for 4 years. What is the total amount in the account after 4 years?
A refrigerator is priced at $525.50. There is a 6% sales tax rate. What is the total cost for the refrigerator including tax?
Cassie wants to buy a pair of shoes for $26.25 and a shirt for $9.50. If the sales tax rate is 8%, what will be the total amount that she paid for both items and tax?
What is the percent of change: 136 days to 85 days
Josephine receives a 13% commission on her sales. This month her sales totaled $450. What is her total income for the month?
4 years
Mark owed $600 in interest on a $3,000 loan with 5% simple interest. How long (in years) did it take him to pay off the loan?
Remember to use the formula: I = prt
Mike's weekly wages are $700. What is the net income after a 5% Social Security tax and a 16% Federal Withholding income tax are DEDUCTED? Round to the nearest cent.