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  1. chemicals that exert effects on the same cells tat secrete them
  2. what are the effects of hyper secretion of GH
  3. what produces thyroid stimulating hormone?
  4. how are the anterior pituitary hormones classified?
  5. what has both neural and hormonal functions?
  1. a the hypothalamus
  2. b autocrines
  3. c gigantism
  4. d all are proteins
  5. e thyrotrophs

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  1. Hormonal regulation response is a lot slower but the effects tend to last longer than neural regulation
  2. No
  3. GHRH- growth hormone releasing hormone
    GHIH- grwoth hormone inhibiting hormone
  4. through the blood
  5. prolactin-inhibiting hormone

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  1. what are the 4 amino acid-based hormonesamino acid based hormones and steroids


  2. what are the gonadotropins?FSH, LH,


  3. what stimulates TSHThyrotropin-releasing hormone


  4. what are the two main classes of hormones?gonadal and adrenocortical


  5. what is the difference in exocrine glands and endocrine?exocrine excrete things such as sweat and saliva out of the body whereas endocrine glads excrete things like hormones into the bloodstream


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