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  1. what are the 4 amino acid-based hormones
  2. chemicals that exert effects on the same cells tat secrete them
  3. what are the effects of prolactin?
  4. what are the effects of hypo secretion
  5. What are the 5 Hormonal actions on target cells
  1. a pituitary dwarfism
  2. b 1. Alter plasma membrane permeability, of membrane potential by opening or closing ion channels
    2. Stimulate synthesis of proteins or regulatory molecules
    3. Activate or deactivate enzyme systems
    4. Induce secretory activity
    5. Stimulate mitosis
  3. c amines, thyroxine, peptides, and proteins
  4. d autocrines
  5. e stimulates milk productoin

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  1. 1. Hormone binds to the receptor
    2. Receptor activates G protein
    3. G protein activates adenylate cylase
    4. Adenylate cyclase converts ATP to cAMP
    5. cAMP activates protein kinases
  2. somatotrophs
  3. pituitary, thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal, and pineal
  4. GHRH- growth hormone releasing hormone
    GHIH- grwoth hormone inhibiting hormone
  5. No

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  1. locally acting chemicals that affect cells other than those that secrete themparacrines


  2. what produces thyroid stimulating hormone?somatotrophs


  3. long-distance chemical signals that travel in the blood or lymphhormones


  4. what are the gonadotropins?stimulates milk productoin


  5. what are the two main classes of hormones?amino acid based hormones and steroids