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  1. what are the effects of hypo secretion
  2. What are the steps of cAMP signaling mechanism
  3. long-distance chemical signals that travel in the blood or lymph
  4. chemicals that exert effects on the same cells tat secrete them
  5. what produces thyroid stimulating hormone?
  1. a 1. Hormone binds to the receptor
    2. Receptor activates G protein
    3. G protein activates adenylate cylase
    4. Adenylate cyclase converts ATP to cAMP
    5. cAMP activates protein kinases
  2. b autocrines
  3. c pituitary dwarfism
  4. d hormones
  5. e thyrotrophs

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  1. Hormonal regulation response is a lot slower but the effects tend to last longer than neural regulation
  2. pituitary, thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal, and pineal
  3. somatotrophs
  4. Thyrotropin-releasing hormone
  5. gigantism

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  1. what are steroids synthesized from?gonadal and adrenocortical


  2. where is prolactin secretedthe lactotrophs


  3. what regulates Growth hormone?somatotrophs


  4. How are hormones transported?FSH, LH,


  5. Name the 6 Anterior pituitary hormonesall are proteins


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