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Jour 203 - Broadcast Newswriting Story Formats: Television

Broadcast Television Story Formats - Acronyms.
Copy Story/Reader
A story read live on the air by the anchor with no video
A story read live on the air by an anchor or reporter over visuals, such as video, maps, graphics or animation.
A SOT refers to anything with audio not read by the anchor
VO/SOT + Tag
Combines all of the elements above. The anchor reads a portion of copy over visuals, then stops for a soundbite, then comes back on camera to give the conclusion of the story. This form is used when there is not enough video left to use after the SOT
Similar to a VO/SOT+TAG, but instead of the anchor reading the concluding line(s) on camera, the copy is read over video after the SOT. V/S/Vs are preferred because they maximize the amount of video used on the air.
A self-contained story produced by a reporter. It includes a prerecorded track of the reporter's script, video, soundbites, natural sound and any other visuals edited together. A package is usually introduced live on the air by the anchor with some information about the story and then a line introducing the reporter. The preproduced package is then played on the air and ends with a reporter sign-off, known as a "sig-out". A package is often followed by a piece of concluding copy read live on the air by the anchor, called a "tag."
Sound on Tape