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Caesar Vocab Page #2


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cultus, cultus
the culture, the civilization
with, when, since, although
decedo, decedere
to leave, to depart, to die
decerno, decernere
to judge, decide, see
decretum, decreti
the decree, decision
dedo, dedere
to hand over, devote
depello, depellare
to drive off, to drive away
descendo, descendere
to stoop, to lower, to descend
of th gods
devoveo, devovere
to vow, to dedicate
dico, dicare
to dedicate, consecrate, give up
diligo, diligere
to cherish, to be fond of
dimico, dimicare
to fight
disciplina, disciplinae
the education ,training
disputo, disputare
to examine, investiage
dos, dotis
the dowry
druides, druidum
the druids, priests, wizards
edisco, ediscere
to learn from
effemino, effeminare
to weaken, to make effeminate
equites, equitum
the horsemen, cavalry, knights
exanimo, exanimare
to knock unconscious
excello, excellere
to rise up, to excel
excrucio, excruciare
to torture
exstruo, exstruere
to build, construct
farthest, outermost
facinus, facinoris
the crime, bad deed
lawful, right, proper, speakable
almost, approximately, usually
they say
finio, finire
to measure
finis, finis
the border, boundary, end
fructus, fructus
the fruit, the profit
funus, funeris
the funeral, death
the theft
genus, generis
the type, kind, family
gratia, gratiae
the influence
pleasing (to)
hereditas, hereditatis
the inheritance
honos, honoris
the esteem, honor
humanitas, humantitatis
the humanity, the refinement