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Muscles of the Velum
1. Tensor Veli Palatini m.
2. Levator Veli Palatini m.
3. Uvular m.
4. Pharyngeal Constrictor m.
5. Palatoglossus m.
6. Palatopharyngeus m.
Tensor Veli Palatini muscle
Adds tension of the velum; tensing velum indirectly
Levator Veli Palatini muscle
Pulls soft palate UP; opens esophagus; alternates between breathing and swallowing; helps with oral and nasal sound
Uvular Muscle
Makes velum shorter
Pharyngeal Constrictor
superior, middle and inferior constrictor muscles; pharyngeal space reduced in diameter
Palatoglossus muscles
Anterior faucial pillar
contracts to pull soft palate DOWN; connects soft palate to side of tongue
Posterior faucial pillar
Connects soft palate and pharyngeal constrictor
Forms part of soft palate. Down=>nasal sound
Lowers soft plate; Narrows pharynx
Velum Up
Velum pulled against pharyngeal wall, not air escapes the nose to make an oral sound
Velum down
velum pulled down into nasopharynx, air comes our through nose to make a nasal sound.
Oro-facial muscles
Allows mobility and expression of the face
Intrinsic and Extrinsic muscles
Intrinsic Oro-facial muscles
Orbicularis oris
Orbicularis oris
Kissing muscle: closes mouth and puckers lips
Extrinsic Oro-facial Area
1. Transverse (2): Buccinator, Risorius
2. Angular (4)
3. Verticle (3)
4. Other (2)
Transverse, Extrinisc Oro-facial
Cheek muscle; compresses lips and cheeks against teeth, draws corners of mouth latterlly
Transverse, Extrinsic Oro-facial
Draws angle of mouth latterally; pulls mouth sides ways to say "E"
Levator labil superior
Angular, Extrinsic Oro-facial
Lifts upper lip
Levator labil superior alaeque nasi m.
Angular, Extrinsic Oro-facial
Flares nostrils
Zygomatic major and minor
Angular, Extrinsic Oro-facial
Draws corners of mouth upward and outward
Depressor labii inferior
Angular, Extrinsic Oro-facial
Draws lower lip downward and latterally
Verticle, Extrinsic Oro-facial
raises lower lip
Depressor anguli oris
Verticle, Extrinsic Oro-facial
Depresses corners of mouth upward and outward
Levator anguli oris
Verticle, Extrinsic Oro-facial
lifts corner of mouth or compresses lips
Incisivus superior and inferior m.
Parallel, Extrinsic Oro-facial
Help pucker and round lips
runs parallel to orbicularis oris
Platysma m.
Cervical/facial--shoulder muscle
Effect of Oro-facial muscles on speech
Closed, opened, rounded and spread the mouth
Pharyngeal muscles
advance the pharyngeal wall and narrow the pharyngeal diameter; no purely pharyngeal sounds in english
Extrinsic Transverse Oro-facial
runs horizontally from orbicularis oris
1. Buccinator
2. Risorius
Extrinsic Angular Orofacial
lifts upper lip, depresses lower, pulls corner of mouth up or down
1. Levator labii superior
2. Levator labii superior alaeque nasi
3. Zygomatic major and minor
4. Depressor labii inferior
Extrinsic Verticle Oro-facial
Raise corner of mouth or move lips
1. Mentalis
2. Depressor anguli oris
3. Levator anguli oris