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Sociology Quiz 5

NOT: postmodern society.
A society that is primarily concerned with providing services rather than manufacturing goods is a (an):
The 2004 Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal brought new relevance to the prison experiments conducted using college students in the 1970s.
functionalist perspective
Which sociological perspective suggests that a society or a relatively permanent group must accomplish certain major tasks if it is to survive?
NOT: interactionist perspective
Which sociological perspective emphasizes that social roles contribute to a society's stability by enabling members to anticipate the behavior of others and to pattern their own actions accordingly?
sociocultural evolution
Which of the following can be defined as the long-term trends in societies resulting from the interplay of continuity, innovation, and selection?
In Gerhard Lenski's view, societal organization is highly dependent on its level of:
demonstrated that a social structure can influence the type of social interactions that occur.
Philip Zimbardo's study of a simulated prison environment that used college students as prisoners and prison guards:
postmodern society.
A technologically sophisticated society that is preoccupied with consumer goods and media images is called a (an):
Social network
Sociological research that maps sexual relationships among high school students is an example of research on:
the U.S. government
Which of the following would be an example of a social institution?