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a discription of the solar system in which all of the planets rovolve around the earth


a discription of the solor system in which all of the planets revolve around the sun


an elongated circle oval shape the shape if the planets orbit


the tendency of a moving object to contane in a staight line or a station are to remain in place

nuclear fushion

the comteining of two nuclie into a single nucleas


the center parth of the sun where nuclear fusions occure


the inner layer of the suns atmophere

solar flare

ab explosion if hydregen gas from the suns surface that occus when loops of sunspot regions connect


the middle layer of the suns atmophere


the outer layer of the suns atmosphere

solar wind

a stream if electrital charged particles produced by the suns corona

sun spot

dark cooler regions on the surface of the sun


a loop gas that produces from the suns surface

terestrial planets

the name given for the inner planets

retrograde rotation

the spinning if the planet from east to west

green house effect

the procces of which heat is trapped in the atmosphere by water vapor

gas giant

the name given to the first four outer planets


a ball of ice and dust whose orbit is usually a long eclipse


object revolving around the sun that was too small to be considered plants

astroid belt

a region of astroids


a chunk or rock or dust in space


a streak of light un the sky


a meteorcia has hit earths surface

life forms

life in space

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