19 terms

IPA-vowels and dipthongs

toot, chew, super=high, back, tense, rounded
(unstressed) prohibit, brocade, bodacious=high-mid, back, tense, rounded
fleet, we, creek= high, front, tense, retracted
(unstressed) chaotic, rotate, decade=high-mid, front, tense, retracted
cod, rotten, stop, plod= low, back, tense, retracted
(stressed schwar) furnace,curse, third, purple
=mid,central,tense, rounded
("East Coast" sound)-prawn, frog, haul, ought
=low-mid, back, tense, rounded
(stressed version of /ə/)-rub. public, flood, button, undone=
low-mid, back-central, lax, retracted
(unstressed "schwa")- astound, tuna, command
=mid, central, lax, retracted
should, put, sugar, would=high, back, lax, rounded
met, steady, repent=low-mid, front, lax, retracted
flit, whittle, listen, sister=high, front, lax, retracted
("schwar", unstressed)-pertain, runner, under=
mid, central, lax, rounded
(jaw/tongue in lowest position)-trash, batter, jazz, thank
=low, front, lax, retracted
(stressed including monosyllables, or end of word)- flow, cone, toad, probate, bloated
=high-mid, back, tense, rounded
(dipthong) loud, clown, sour, trousers
(dipthong) toy, join, exploit, ahoy
(dipthong) in stressed syllables and end of words-grade, tape, trait
(dipthong) -buy, height, feisty