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Body systems functions


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Skeletal system
Shapes/supports the body and protects major organs.
Works with the muscles to enable movement.
Creates blood cells.
Muscular system
Enables body to move.
Allows the heart to pump blood.
Pushes food through the digestive tract.
Respiratory system
Takes oxygen into the body, and removes carbon dioxide.
Circulatory system
carries oxygen and other nutrients throughout the body. Also helps fight disease and infection
Digestive system
Takes in/breaks down food, and absorbs the nutrients.
Excretory system
Removes waste from the body. Is made up of any organs that remove waste.
Urinary system
Filters waste from the blood to be removed as urine.
Integumentary system
Protects the body from injury, infection, and UV rays. Helps regulate body temperature. Keeps fluids inside the body.
Reproductive system
Produces sex cells to reproduce offspring.
Endocrine system
Maintains homeostasis using hormones.
Nervous system
Controls most other body functions.