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Ap Human Geography: Migration


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Relocation Diffusion
The spread of characteristics from one place to another
Permanent movement to a new location
General term for all types of movement from one place to another
Repetitive movement that occurs on a regular basis
Migration from a location; focus is exit
Migration to a location; focus is coming
Net migration
Difference between immigrants and emigrants. Result can be net in-migration (+) or net out-migration (-).
Voluntary Migration
Migrants chose to move; economic improvement
Forced Migration
Migrant is compelled to move; political/environmental factors
International Migration
Permanent movement from one country to another
Internal Migration
Permanent movement within a country
Interregional Migration
Movement from one region of a country to another region
Intraregional Migration
Movement within a region
Urban to rural
Rural to urban
Urban to suburban
Push Factors
Persuades people to move out of current location
Pull Factor
Persuades people to move to a new location
Forced to migrate to a new country due to political/ environmental factors and cannot return due to fear of persecution
Internally Displaced Persons
Forced to migrated with the same country due to same reasons as a refugee
Asylum Seeker
Someone who migrated to a new country to be recognized as a refugee
Area subjected to flooding during a specific number of years based on historic trends
Guest Worker
Immigrants temporary allowed into a country for a job
Intervening Obstacle
Environmental/ political factor that stops migration
Maximum limits to number of immigrants to USA annually, per country.
Brain Drain
When talented professionals all migrate to the USA or another region
Chain Migration
Migration specific to a specific location because of relatives or people of the same nationality
Unauthorized (or undocumented) Immigrants
Immigrants who enter without proper documents
Money sent back home by migrants to family members in home country
Regions with the Largest Flows
Asia to Europe
Asia to North America
Latin America to North America
Typical International Flow
Developing (LDCs) to Developed (MDCs) Countries
Types of Intraregional Migration
Rural to Urban
Urban to Suburban
Urban to Rural

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