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This decade retained the glossy façade of Hollywood
Why did films have fewer people in the audience during the 1950's
Television robbed film of its audience
What was HUAC?
The House Un-American Committee
Who helped stop the blacklist by crediting a blacklisted writer on screen
Kirk Douglas with "Spartacus"
Who was an iconic actress
Marylin Monroe
Which film atarted Romantic Comedies
"It Happened One Night"
Most important element in Romantic Comedy
Directed "Pillow Talk"
Michael Gordon
Produced "Pillow Talk"
Ross Hunter
Costumer "Pillow Talk"
Jean Louis
Writer "Pillow Talk"
Stanley Shapiro
This film got an academy award for screenplay
Pillow Talk
Best actor/actress pair for Romantic Comedies, first seen in "Pillow Talk"
Rock Hudson and Doris Day
Famous singer before acting
Doris Day
What sub-genres come from Drama
Biographies, Melodramas, Crime Films, etc.
What issue was dealt with in Dramas during the 1940's
World War II
What does the house represent in "Life as a House"
Strength and Commitment
Who wrote "Life as a House"
Mark Andrus
Who directed Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein (1931)"
James Whale
Where was the 1910 version of Frankenstein shot
Edison's Studio
The film that started the Horror genre and its director
"The Devil's Manor," directed by George Melies
Who wrote "Hound of Bakervilles"
Arthur Conan Doyle
Directed "Poltergeist"
Tobe Hooper
Produced "Poltergeist"
Steven Spielberg
Who started Slice and Dice (Splatter) genre
Tobe Hooper
John Carpenter and "Halloween" proved what
Played the original Dracula
Bela Lugosi
Lon Chaney was known as
The man of a thousand faces
Directed "Frankenstein"
Boris Karloff
George Romero's cult was known for
Night of the Living Dead
Known for its Horror films
Universal Studios
Directed "Rear Window"
Alfred Hitchcock
Hitchcock never won what award
Oscar for best director
Costume Designer "Rear Window"
Edith Head
Hitchcock's first job in the business
Illustrating silent film title cards
Auditory Conflict
The audio does not match the visual
What is MacGuffin
A device used by Hitchcock that moves the plot forward
Hitchcock's favorite elements
An innocent man accused of crime, Nowhere to run, Horror resides in everyday life, Murder can happen in happy places, The unexpected can happen at any time
Largest set constructed at Paramount
"Rear Window"
31 Apartments, 12 fully furnished
Famous fact about Hitchcock's directing
He never looked through a camera lens after storyboarding a film
Edited many of Hitchcock's films
His wife, Alma
What film changed the Horror genre
This genre is popular with the coming of sound
Ganster genre
Three top actors in the Gangster genre
Edward G. Robinson, James Cagney, Humphrey Bogart
The first film to dvelve into why ganster committs crimes
Public Enemy
Early films were based on
Newspaper headlines
What did the 1940's introduce
The psychopathic killer
A gangster film with a hiroshima type, exploding ending
"White Heat"
Bronx tale was known for its
Great musical editing transitions
Studio known for Gangster films
Warner Brothers Studio
Themes of Science Fiction
Retaliation of nature
Fritz Lang directed what German Expressionism film
Top sci-fi director
George Pal
This genre requires a small crew
A dramatized television movie based on real events
A motion picture or television program that takes the form of a serious documentary in order to satirize its subject
Purpose of documentaries
Educate, entertain, and sometimes both
Narritive means
This creates beautiful moments in film, especially in Documentaries
Music/ Score
The Big 6 Studios
Universal, Warner Bros, Columbia, 20th Century Fox, Disney, Paramount
Indies finally came about with the help of
The Supreme Court Case in the 1940's
Which film redefined independece
"Platoon," directed by Oliver Stone
What has allowed studios to have independent branches
Who started sundance
Robert Redford
Weinstein Brothers started what company
The Weinstein Company and Mirimax
What film won best picture of 2010
"The Hurtlocker" by Katheryn Bigellow
What did studios have to seal off in the Supreme Court decision
Big Fish Cast Members
The Witch, Sandra Senior, Young Edward, Edward Senior, Will Bloom, Doctor Bennett
Who scored "The Hurtlocker"
Dr. Bennett "Big Fish"
Robert Guillaume
Will Bloom "Big Fish"
Billy Crudup
Edward Sr. "Big Fish"
Albert Finney
Young Edward "Big Fish"
Ewan McGregor
Sandra Sr. "Big Fish"
Jessica Lange
The Witch "Big Fish"
Helena Bonham Carter
Directed/scored "Big Fish"
Tim Burton
First woman to win an Oscar
Katheryn Bigellow
Roger Corman was known for
A mentor in the film industry, put many big actors on
Who directed many low budget horror films with tongue in cheek style
Roger Corman
Split Screening
When the audience can see two or more characters on the screen at the same time but in different locations
Cross Cutting
Editing that shows two stories happening simultaneously; creates suspense
Subject POV
Camera becomes the character
Who costumed "The Hurtlocker"
Colleen Atwood
Who was George Romero
Directed Night of the living dead