US History Chapter 20 Section 1


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Pre-justice against foreign born people.
The policy of pulling away from foreign/world affairs.
A political and economic system based on a single party government ruled by a dictatorship.
People who oppose any form of government.
Sacco and Vanzetti
Italian immigrants who were arrested and charged with the robbery and murder of a factory paymaster and his guard in the south Braintree, Massachusetts.
Quota System
Established the maximum number of people who could enter the United States from each foreign country.
John L. Lewis
The new leader of the United Mine Workers of America.
The Red Scare
The Red Scare panic began in 1919. It was the period in America when there was a suspicion of communism and fear of widespread infiltration of communism.
Palmer's Raids
In August 1919, Palmer appointed J. Edgar Hoover as his special assistant. Palmer, Hoover, and their agents hunted down suspected Communists, socialists, and anarchists. They trampled people's civil rights, invading private homes and offices and jailing suspects without allowing them, legal counsel. Hundreds of foreign-born radicals were deported without trials.