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What is 2√16 simplified? (And no, Austin Yang, the answer is NOT 4√2)
In the formula for slope y=mx+b, what does m stand for?
The slope of the line
Find a real number that can satisfy the value of √-1, read as the square root of negative one.
Haha, you were trolled, there is no real solution. The imaginary solution is "i"
If there is a quadratic x² - 6x + 9 = 0, what is the ∆ (Derivative) of the quadratic?
In the parabola f(x)= -1(x-2)² + 3, what is the symmetrical line to x?
In the parabola f(x)= -1(x-2)² + 3, what is the minimum point of the function?
Get rekt. If the open direction of the parabola is going down, then there is no minimum value.
If a quadratic equation were to be graphed, what would the shape of it be?
If there is a regular octagon, what is the degree measure of one interior angle?
If the Fahrenheit temperature of an object is -4°F, what is the Celsuis temperature of it?
If you are very smart, then you can answer this problem. If f(f(x))= x² - 1 = 8, then what is f(f(f(f(x))))?