Sports Leisure Final Exam


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1995-96 Bulls
Won championship and acquired Dennis Rodman
"The Unforgettables"
1991-92 Kentucky basketball team
Florida Men's basketball championships
Joakim Noah, Cory Brewer, Al Hardford, with Billy Donor as coach
Members of the Fab Five
Chris Webber, Jalen Rose, Juwan Howard, Ray Jackson, and Jimmy King
Al Davis
Owner and manager for Raiders for 39 years
Allen Iverson
11 time all star and won MVP
Coaches for the University of Miami
Howard Schnellenberger, Jimmy Johnson, and Dennis Erikson
NFL Franchise movement
Teams moved to bigger markets and new stadiums
Big East Conference
Conference dedicated for basketball centered schools
Death Penalty
NCAA power to ban school from competition
Lifetime of USFL
Lasted 3 seasons
Michael Jordan's shoes
Air Jordan's
Martina Navratilova's rival
Chris Evert
Jose Canseco
admitted to using peds; played for Oakland A's
Triangle offense
Single most dominant basketball attack
Alex Rodriguez
Baseball's richest contract (at the time)
Greatest show on Turf
St. Louis Rams from 1999-2001
Dominant college football conference of 2000s (still is)
Mike Tyson's crime
Georgia v Auburn, 1992
First conference football championship game (teams and year)
Roger Clemens
"Rocket"," 3rd for career strikeouts in MLB
Cotton Bowl
Bowl left out of Bowl Alliance
Orel Hershier
"Bulldog," played for Dodgers, Indians, Giants, and Mets
Forms of spread offense
3,4, and 5 receiver sets w/ quarterback in shotgun
Fo, Fo, Fo
Quote from Moses Malone after 76ers sweep everyone to the championship
Bobby Hurley and Christian Laettner
"Hated" each other while playing for Duke (one is the most hated basketball player of all time)
Nickname for when Patriots had people spy on other teams' defensive coordinators, led to 16-0 season
Georgetown University
In Big East, was a powerhouse in basketball, recruited Patrick Ewing, won natty in 1984
Michael Jordan's "post-retirement" sport
Television, internet, satellite
3 reasons for global explosion of sport
Isiah Thomas
Played on the Pistons with the Bad Boys; left off of Dream Team
Joe Gibbs
"The Most Diverse Dynasty in NFL History" won 3 titles with Redskins
Florence Griffith Joyner
"Flo-Jo" fastest woman ever, holds WR in 100m and 200m
Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire and Barry Bonds
All 3 of these baseball players got busted for peds (first and last name start with same letter for all 3)
Interleague play
1997 MLB season started this
Wild Card
started in 1995 in MLB, only 1 originally
Three divisions
Started in 1994 season of MLB
Bobby Cox
Holds record for most MLB ejections (158)
National League
Dominant NFL conference in Super Bowls from 1981-96
Len Bias
Died from cocaine overdose 2 days after being drafted by Celtics
Lawrence Taylor
Considered the greatest defensive NFL player in history, won MVP as linebacker
Dwight Gooden
Pitcher for Mets, cocaine and alcohol addiction
Muhammad Ali
Michael Jordan's only comparable athletic peer (sorry Lebron)
Short passes, 4 receivers, protect QB, and timing pass
4 principles of the West Coast offense
Serena Williams, Venus Williams, Martina Navratilova
Strong and Beautiful examples
USFL season of play
Nick Saban
Legendary coach for Alabama football, highest paid coach
Tim Tebow
Became first sophomore to win Heisman (John 3:16)
Ricky Williams
Won Heisman at Texas, played 1 season
Tommie Frazier
"Touchdown____________" led Nebraska to 2 titles in 94&95, won Heisman
Michael Vick
Running QB, arrested for dog fighting, <-- he's a bitch
Reggie Bush
Won Heisman, Doak Walker, and Walter Camp at USC
Charles Wooden
Led Michigan football to title in 1997
Bill Snyder
Coach at KSU, 202 wins, 3rd most for active coaches
Peyton Manning
Regarded as one of the greatest QBs of all time
Bobby Bowden
Coach at FSU who had 12 wins stripped for academic scandal with players
"Danny and the Miracles"
Kansas basketball team who won National Championship with 11 losses
"The Decision"
Dramatic way that Lebron announced his DECISION to play for Miami
4 national championships during this time, Plum should really take this question off
Kevin Garnett
Led Timberwolves to 8 straight playoff appearances, won it in 2008
"The Carolina Way"
Pointing at the player who made a good pass for the shot, Dean Smith called it this
"The admiral"
David Robinson, nicknamed this for fighting in the Navy
Bobby Knight
Won 902 games, coach for Indiana basketball fro, 1971-2000, kinda hot headed
Pat Riley
One of the greatest NBA coaches of all time, Lakers for four titles and Heat for one title
Dominique Wilkins
"The Human Highlight Reel" one of the greatest dunkers of all time, played for Georgia(college) then Hawks(pro)
Stockton and Malone
One of the best duos in NBA history, played together for 17 seasons
Latrell Spreewell
choked PJ Canesimo at practice and got 68-game suspension
Hank Gathers
Died from a heart attack during a game for Loyola Marymount
Georgetown University
Where Patrick Ewing went to college
Charles Barkley
"Round Mound of Rebound"
Debut of ESPN
Sep. 7, 1979 at 7pm; 30,000 viewers
David Stern
Ran the NBA from 1984-2014
1994 and strike by Player's Association
Cancelled World Series, year and reason
Donald Trump
Wanted to expand USFL too quickly and move season to fall
Bill Walsh
Popularized the West Coast offense
Indianapolis, Indiana
"Amateur Sports Capital of the World"