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Achilles' heel

a person's area of particular vulnerability

pound of flesh

used to describe someone's insistence on being repaid

sacred cow

refers to something that cannot be interfered with or harmed in any way

crossing the Rubicon

taking an irreversible step, often involving some danger

to cast one's pearls before swine

to offer something precious to someone unable to appreciate the value of what is being given

once in a blue moon

something that occurs very rarely

Mrs. Grundy/Grundyism

an attitude of narrow-minded prudishmess

to shed crocodile tears

to show false sympathy for someone


anything that tempts a person away from safety and toward a destructive path

read the riot act

issue a stern warning

thirty pieces of silver; kiss of betrayal

payment received for an act of treachery; a supposed friend's treachery

Gordian knot; cutting the Gordian knot

any extremely complex problem; solving such a problem in a quick, decisive manner

ivory tower

an unreachable place; being out of touch with reality

all that glitters is not gold

something that appears valuable on the outside may in fact be less than valuable

sound and fury

a great, tumultuous, and passionate uproar that actually is unimportant or meaningless

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