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Before making a left or right turn you should signal for at least?
100 feet
When two cars enter an open intersection at the same time ?
The driver on the left must yield to the driver on the right
A broken yellow line on pavement separate lanes of traffic ?
Moving in the opposite directions
When you want to enter a free way you should?
Enter the freeway at or near a speed of freeway traffic
With in how many feet of an oncoming vehicle should you dim your bright head lights?
500 feet
When passing a vehicle on a two lane road way you must return to the right hand side of the road be for coming?
200 feet
Before making a left or right turn you should signal for at least ?
100 feet
Whenever a load extends to the read four feet or more beyond the bed or body of a vehicle at night the end and the side of the load must be marked by?
Four red flags and two red reflectors
Unless other wise posted speed limit in a residential area is?
30 miles per hour
You are driving on a slippery road in a car with anti - lock brakes (ABS) if you need to make emergency stop you should?
Press down hard on the brake pedal hold it down and steer out of danger
If you are the driver or owner of a vehicle which is in a crash that is your fault and you are not insured in compliance with the financial responsibility law?
You may be required to pay for the damages before your driving privileges is reinstated.
When entering an expressway never stop the acceleration lane unless traffic is?
to heavy for you to merge safely.
You are driving on a multi lane road or highway and are approaching an emergency vehicle parked along the road way with its emergency lights activated if you are in the lane closest to the emergency vehicle you should?
Safely leave the lane closed to the emergency vehicle or slow down to a speed 20 miles per hour .
You must use low beam headlights when coming within ?
500 feet of an oncoming vehicle
Registration may be renewed up to?
90 days prior to the expiration date
Must only drive during daylight hours after holding a learners license for ?
3 months
License revocation minimum?
180 days
If you receive 12 points with 12 months for how long will your license be suspended?
Up to 30 days
How far must your license plate be visible from?
50 feet
When must you use low beam head light?
From sunset to sun rise and when driving in rain or fog .
How many hours of community service will you need to do if convicted of a dui?
How many days do you have to report a change of address to the Florida department of highway and motor vehicle?
10 days
Vehicle license plates and registration must be renewed every ?
A broken yellow line on a pavement separate lanes of ?
traffic moving in the opposite direction.
18 points with in a 18 months period?
3 months
24 points with in 36 months period?
1 year
Under the no fault law, if you are unable to show proof of your insurance your license and registration are suspended for up to ___ years ?
3 years .
Slow down
Move up
Yield sign
Must slowdown and yield right of way to all vehicles on road way being entered.
When driving slower than the flow of traffic?
Keep right . so others may safely pass
A flashing yellow arrow means?
You may proceed in the direction of the arrow after yielding to oncoming traffic and pedestrian .
When passing a vehicle on a two lane road way you must?
Return to the right hand side of the road before coming with in 200 feet
Your driver license will be suspended for how many years ?
3 years if you don't have insurance
When approaching another vehicle from the rear at night you must dim your bright head lights with in?
300 feet
Any driver under 21 years of age who is stopped by law inforcement and has a breath and blood alcohol level .02 or higher will automatically have their driving privileged suspended for?
6 months
When in a multi lane road if another vehicle cuts you off you should?
Stay calm slow down and gently pull back to allow a safe distance .
If you refuse to take a breath and alcohol level test your driving privilege is automatically suspended for ?
12 months
where does more crashes happen more than any other place ?
Intersection ,
use extra caution when approaching a intersection.
If you do not provide proof of higher coverage limits your driver license will be suspended for up to?
3 years
Where should you move your vehicle if you break down while driving on a highway?
Get your car to the side of the road
Turn on hazard lights
Take foot off the gas.
What does a green arrow showing at the same time as red traffic light mean you can do ?
Green arrow means go but first yield to pedestrian still in intersection
Make protected turn
Flashing yellow light means ?
Proceed with caution slow down
When can you use use a three-point turn?
At a very small place
When may you drive in the left lane of of a road with four lanes ?
When over taking and passing out
Your license can be canceled if ?
Your license was issue a error
You give false information
Your license will be suspended if you?
Refuse to take a test to show if you are driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
Fail to pay child support
Your license must be revoked if you are found guilty of ?
A felony in which a motor vehicle is not stopping to give help when the vehicle you are driving is involved in a crash causing death or injury.
What is the safe distance for a motor cycle ?
4 seconds or more
The area of the freeway on the outside of a solid white line is meant for ?
Emergency only
What is a no zone ?
Are danger areas around trucks
Blind spots
Trucks and buses
Yellow lane lines separate lanes traffic ?
Moving in opposite directions
White line separate traffic?
Moving in the same direction
Reduction of lanes?
Right lane ends and traffic must merge left
Any driver or pedestrian approaching a railroad highway crossing must within ?
50 feet
Red reflectors on lanes?
Always mean you are facing traffic the wrong way and could have a head on collusion
A truck or any vehicle towing another vehicle must not follow within how many feet?
300 feet
Flashing hazrd lights must only be used while ?
Your vehicle is legally stopped or disabled on the highway or shoulders
You must be 16 years of age or older to operate a motorcycle on public road,
If under 18 must hold learners license for ?
12 months
You must use low beam headlights when you are within?
300 feet of a vehicle ahead of you
If you fail to provide proof of new insurance your drivers license and license plate can be suspended for up to ?
Three years (3 years)
In other to left the suspension, you will have to get insurance and pay a reinstatement fee of ?
$150 to $500
Before you register your car in Florida you must ?
Show proof of personal injury protection (PIP) and property damage liability (PDL)
Have a minimum of 10,000
You must comply if you own a motor vehicle that has been in the state for ?
90 days
The officer may also take you to jail for driving with a suspended license 1st degree misdemeanor punishable by up to?
a year in jail and a $1,000 fine
a 16 years old license driver may not drive between ?
11:00PM - 6:00PM
a 17 years old license driver may not drive between ?
1:00AM and 5:00AM
DUI higher ?
BIL $100,000 one person
BIL- $300,000 two or more people
BIL- 10,000 for one person

BIL $20,000 two or more people
Requirements for class E DRIVERS LICENSE?
- Be at least 16 years old
- Completion of traffic law
Substance abuse - education course

- Class E knowledge
Requirements for Learners license ?
Must be 15 years old

Traffic law and substance abuse education course

Pass vision and class e knowledge exam
If you refuse to take the test when asked your license will be suspended for?
One year
First DUI conviction?
Fine $500 - $1,000 BAL
DUI school ?
12 hours
Second DUI offense/conviction
DUI school hours ?
21 hours
Fine $1,000 - $2,000 BAL
Third DUI offense?
Fine $2,000-$5,000 BAL
If you are found at fault in a collision where anyone is injured and transported ?
You will be required by law to attend a traffic collision avoidance course
The administration fee for alcohol & drugs related offenses?
Insurance requirements fees
1st suspension $150
2nd suspension $250
3rd suspension $500
Class E drivers license are valid for?
Six to eight years