RNA and Protein Synthesis Quiz Study Guide

How does DNA and RNA language work? (Think about codons)
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Why did we deliver a gene for antibiotic resistance to the E.coli we genetically engineered1. So we can tell the difference of how the gene affected the bacteria. 2. Only 1% of the bacteria will accept the glow gene 3. We gave it the antibiotic so that it can not be covered by the other 99%.Why did most of us expect no growth in the negative GFP plate (control group)?Because the antibiotic was not given to them.Why did we chose bacteria for the genetic engineering experiment versus another organism?1. Their prokaryotic/it is easy to access 2.Their small 3.They reproduce quicklywhat is it called when your cells are making a proteinprotein syntheisishow many amino acids are there20Describe the differences between DNA and RNA.1. Dna has two strands 2. RNA has one 3. RNA has a ribose sugar 4. DNA has deoxyribose sugarmRNA sequence1. DNA unzips so that one of the strands can be transcribed into mRNA language 2.