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what is a computer
an electronic that manipulates information or data
what ability does a computer have
store, retrieve, and process
what is hardware
physical part
what is software
tells hardware what to do
2 examples of software
web browser & laptop
2 types of personal computers
desktop & laptop
small computer that usually sits on a desk
desktop / PC
what is a server
stores and shares files
4 specislized computers that many people use today
phones, xbox, ipad, tablet
2 styles of personal computers
mac & pc
most common type of personal computer today
what computer had GUI
what does GUI stand for
Graphical User Interface
why is the operating system the most important software on the computer
a program that lets you interace with your computer
what is booting
restart / when you turn your computer on
what does CPU stand for
Central Processing Unit
most common operating systems
microsoft windows, android, apple ios x
what are 2 things GUI allows you to do
lets the mouse click on icons & clearly displays
3 mobile operating systems
apple ios x, android, windows
what is an application
a program on a computer or device
4 desktop applications
microsoft word, power point, skype, google forms
2 ways to install applications
download online & buy online
2 ways to open files
right click - open & double click on file name
what is the internet cloud
it keeps all your stuff stored on your computer
what does it man if something is stored in the cloud
it's stored in internet servers
2 main reasons to use the cloud
convenience & reliability
what are web applications
run inside your internet browser
3 examples of web applications
google docs, google sheets, google slides
5 basic parts of a desktop computer
computer case, keyboard, mouse, power cord, monitor
3 main components the computer case contains
mother board, cpu, power supply
what is a desktop case
horizontal case, monitor on top
what is a tower case
stand up vertically, next to monitor
how does the monitor work
connects to the video card in the computer
what does the keyboard do
interacts with your computer
3 things you can do with your mouse
control, move, click
2 alternatives to a mouse
trackball, touchpad
what are devices that you can plug into the ports of your computer called
list 8 of these devices
1. phone
2. headphones
3. flash drive
4. keyboard
5. printer
6. mouse
7. power cord
8. ethernet cable
what is the name of the 'brains' of the computer that carries out all commands
central processing unit (cpu)
what units are used to measure a processor's speed
what does RAM stand for
random access memory
what is RAM
system's short term memory
what is a megabyte
1 million bytes - unit of memory
what is a gigabyte
1 billion bytes - unit of memory
what is long-term storage
data that is stored when you turn off your computer
what is a USB flash drive and what does it allow you to do
allows you to move files to another computer
what does the video card do
it's responsible for what you see
what does the sound card do
it's responsible for what you hear in the speaker or headphones
what does the network card do
allows a computer to communicate over a network and access the internet
what is a bluetooth card
communicates with wireless keyboards, mice, and printers
what is the funny name for a bluetooth card
3 threats to your computer
1. malware /ransomware
2. viruses
3. spyware
what is malware
any type of software that is designed to damage your computer
2 ways you can back up your computer
buy the external hard drive or get a software; online backup service
is antivirus software 100% effective in preventing viruses