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Use these questions to study for your History Test, Tuesday, September 10.


The point beyond which trees cannot grow because of extreme cold, type of soil, and other factors

Northern Lights

Another name for the Aurora Borealis

No One

Lives at the North Pole


Large masses of ice that flow slowly over land and break off into water to form huge icebergs


A piece of glacier that has moved down a mountain or across a polar region and broken off into the sea


Tiny plants and animals that thrive in Arctic waters


Small whales whose males have a single spiral tusk


Strange-looking birds who spend their time swimming and diving for fish in the Arctic's icy waters


Arctic animals have this thick layer of fat to keep them warm

North America

The third largest continent


The world's largest island

Mt. McKinley

The highest peak in North America

Hudson Bay

The world's largest bay

Gulf of Mexico

The world's largest gulf

Arctic Ocean

The smallest, coldest ocean


The area between the North Pole and the timberline

Boreal Forest

The vast evergreen forest region covering much of Canada and parts of Alaska


Ground that is permanently frozen


The narrow body of water that connects two larger bodies of water

Jim Thorpe

A native American that was one of America's greatest athletes

Sir Wilfred Grenfell

The famous English missionary to the Canadian Inuits and their neighbors

Will Rogers

America's Greatest Storyteller


The record of what has happened to mankind


The study of the earth


The setting in which certain types of plants and animals thrive


the "way of life" of a group of people


cone bearing trees


Trees that do not lose their leaves


Trees that are the oldest and largest trees in the world

Bering Strait

The narrow body of water that separates Russia from Alaska


The movement of a group of people or animals from one part of the world to the next

Inca Indian Tribe

The famous Indian tribe in South America

Maya Indian Tribe

The famous Indian tribe in Central America

Aztec Indian Tribe

The famous Indian tribe in Mexico

Why is the tundra called the "Land of the Midnight Sun"?

There are days during the summer when the sun never sets.

Greenland and Arctic Canada

The regions the Inuit people live in


Weapons the Arctic people used for hunting


The people of northern Alaska


The people of Greenland and Arctic Canada

Golden Eagle

"The King of Birds"


One-man boat constructed of sealskin stretched over a frame


Northern woods south of the tundra


A mixture of dried meat pounded together with fat and berries

Erik the Red

A Viking from Norway who founded the first European settlement in Greenland


The North American reindeer


The snow house usually built for temporary shelter while traveling

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