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  1. staple
  2. ramshackle
  3. contingent
  4. destitution
  5. paradigm
  1. a unpredictable because dependent on chance; dependent on something uncertain
  2. b an example; a model
  3. c a basic or principal item, esp. food; adj. principal
  4. d about to fall apart or fall down
  5. e the lack of any means of subsistence

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  1. to pass down; to hand down, esp. in a will
  2. external appearance, esp. a false one
  3. a strong, often militant, supporter
  4. offense; resentment
  5. an inference or conclusion based on incomplete evidence

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  1. immaculateperfectly clean


  2. lethargicdull; sluggish; moving slowly


  3. ironyan ideally perfect place


  4. orchestrateable to express oneself clearly and effectively


  5. juxtaposea basic or principal item, esp. food; adj. principal