art exam


Terms in this set (...)

art elements- line
horizontal, vertical, curvy, diagonal, zig zag
art elements- color
primary, secondary, warm, cool
art elements- shape
2D/flat, geometric (sqaure,circle), organic (nature, irregular)
art elements- texture
how something feels or looks like it feels
art elements- space
distance in an artwork, close & far
art elements- form
3D shape, sculpture, sphere, cube, pyramid, cone
color schemes- primary
FIRST on the color on the color wheel (RYB- red, yellow, blue)
color schemes- secondary
result of mixing 2 primaries (OGV- orange, green, violet)
color schemes- warm
reminds us of FIRE (ROY- red, orange, yellow)
color schemes- cool
reminds us of WATER (GBV- green, blue, violet)
color schemes- analogous
next to each other on color wheel, good for blending
color schemes- complementary
opposites on the color wheel, really stand out
color schemes- tint
color mixed with WHITE
color scheme- shade
color mixed with BLACK
subjects of art- portrait
artwork of a person
subjects of art- self-portrait
artist creats an artwork of themselves
subjects of art- landscape
artwork of the outdoors
subjects of art- seascape
artwork of water
subjects of art- cityscape
artwork of a city (downtown, urban, buildings, streets)
subjects of art- still life
artwork of objects that don't move (fruit, flowers)
radial (circle), symetrical (same on both sides), asymetrical (no line of symetry)
balance- rythym/pattern
repeat art elements
balance- scale
easy way to enlarge image using grid
balance- proportion
size of one part compared to another part
balance- cross hatch
layer value in different directions
midieval times... also called
dark ages & middle ages
midieaval times- time period
midieval times- what was life like
plauge, couldn't read, war was common
midieval times- castles are...
built for protection, arrow slits, stone, moat
midieval times- cathedrals
special churche for bishop, pointed arches, flying butresses, stained glass windows
midieval times- rose windows
round window with radial balance, 30-40 foot dyameter
renaissance- important artists
TMNT- Leonardo, Michelangelo, Danatello, Rapnael (LMDR)
renaissance- main idea
rebirth, new understandings
renaissance- perspective
linear and atmospheric perspective
renaissance- horizon..
line- where the sky meets the Earth
renaissance- vanishing point
located on the horizon line
renaissance- foreground
close, lower
renaissance- middleground
center area
renaissance- background
farthest, higher
japan- kokeshi dolls
wood toys for children, now collectibles
japan- sculpture is
3D artwork, form
japan- kiln
oven used to FIRE clay, +2000 degrees farenheit
japan- ceramic artwork
what clay is called after it's been fired
impressionism- important artists...
cloude monet, edgar degas
impressionism- inspired by...
outdoor, camera, paint tube
impressionism- main idea
capturing light an color
impressionism- main characteristics
a quick moment, snapshot
post impressionism- vincent van gogh...
stary night- movement & color
post impressionism- georges seurat...
pointillism- tiny dots of color
non figurative
abstract, element/principles of design
pop art
popular culture
op art
optical illusions