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Las Posadas- Christmas in Mexico


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Virgin de Guadalupe
December 12 celebrating the Virgen de Guadalupe-the beginning of the holiday season
Juan Diego
was asked to tell the bishop to build a church
Bishop Zumárraga
was asked to build a church
el nacimiento
Spanish for "nativity scene"
las posadas
the 9 day reenactment of the journey of Mary and Joseph
la Nochebuena
December 24-when the typical meal eaten is tamales
la flor de Nochebuena
el ponche
Mexican hot cider
la piñata
a typical one for this holiday has 7 cones, each representing a deadly sin
el bacalao
salty dried fish
25 de diciembre
a day for resting and eating left-overs
la jícama
sugar cane
el atole
hot chocolate made with rice
el champurrado
hot chocolate made with corn
los tamales
made from masa, salsa, corn husks, and pork
la masa
cornmeal paste used in tamales
la misa de gallo
High Mass/Rooster Mass
los recalentados
el Día de Reyes
King's Day-children send balloons into the sky with the wishes attached
el Día de los Santos Inocentes
similar to April Fool's Day
la rosca de reyes
sweet bread
el Día de la Candelaria
Baby Jesus is dressed in new clothes and brought to the church to be blessed
la posada
means "a place to stay"
the stick used to break the piñata represents
los globos
balloons that carries the wish lists of the children to the Three Kings