17 terms

AR - Child Care - Unit 6

the process of mentally grouping objects or ideas into categories or gropus based on some unique feature
cooperative play
activity in which children actually play with one another
to go through a natural process of growth
developmental tasks
one of the skills that children learn at different stages of development; these tasks include physical, mental, social, emotional, and moral skills
a stage in the process of growing
hand-eye coordination
the ability to move hands and fingers precisely in relation to what is seen
sequence of biological changes in a child giving the child new abilities
motor skill development
process of acquiring the standards of behavior considered acceptable by society
object permanence
the concept in which an infant learns that people or things exist even when they are gone from sight
parallel play
activity in which children play side by side without interacting
the characteristics that make a person unique
capable of going backward or forward through a series of actions or changes
self concept
the mental picture people have of themselves; their opinion about themselves
the ability to arrange items in an increasing or decreasing order based on weight, volume, number, or size; grouping by a common property
solitary play
play that is independent and exploratory in nature
relating to space
a period or step in process, activity or development of a person's life