Complete IELTS Bands 6.5-7.5, Unit 6 Word List


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the advent (of something)
(phrase) the start or arrival of something new
break new ground
(phrase) to do something that is different from anything that has been done before
(adj) able to make you believe that something is true or right
enamored (with someone/something)
(adj) liking or approving of someone or something very much
engage in (something)
(v) to take part in something
feature film
(n) a film that is usually 90 or more minutes long
film sequence
(n) a part of a film that deals with one event
(v) to cause something to exist
get stuck
(phrase) to not be able to continue doing something because there is something you cannot understand or solve
gloss over (something)
(v) to avoid discussing something, or to discuss something without any details in order to make it seem unimportant
(n) a person or thing that is famous because it represents a particular idea or way of life
identify with (someone)
(v) to feel that you are similar to someone, and can understand them or their situation because of this
in leaps and bounds
(phrase) happens rapidly or in fast progress
in vain
(phrase) without any success
(n) a quality, ability, or achievement that is average or below average
(v) to change something in order to improve it
(v) to make important changes to a system in order to improve it
(n) the speed at which something happens
(n) things that exist or happen; usually things that are unusual
(v) to be one of the first people to do something
(n) a way of learning something by repeating it many times, rather than understanding it
save the day
(phrase) to do something that solves a serious problem
scroll (up/down/back/forward)
(v) to move text or image on a computer screen so that you can look at the part that you want
(n) when you do or make something which behaves or looks like something real but which is not real
(v) to add an extra amount or part to something
(v) to make or change something so that it is suitable
(n) a particular or special way of doing something
tune out
(v) to stop giving your attention to what is happening around you
(adv) clearly having only one meaning