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How does the preamble to the constitution begin?

"We the people..."

What is a system of government in which members of the polity meet to discuss all policy decisions and then agree to abide by majority rule?

Direct Democracy

What are republics?

Representative democracies

In an oligarchy, rule is by which of the following?

the few

Which function of government provides for police protection?

ensuring domestic tranquility

Which of the following expanded Americans' conceptions of personal liberty to include some forms of freedom from discrimination?

Fourteenth amendment

The idea that governments draw legitimacy and power from the governed is referred to as which of the following?

Popular consent

Which of the following is the doctrine that society should be governed by certain ethical principles that are part of nature and can be understood by reason?

Natural Law

The Framers agreed that the new nation had to be founded on notions of which of the following?

Religious freedom

In general, which of the following is true about the U.S. population?

It is getting older

One of the most long-standing and dramatic regional differences in the United States is between which of the following?

North and south

Which of the following public policies would social conservatives be most likely to support?

Overturning Roe v. Wade

Which of the following is a true statement about liberals?

They generally favor government intervention to promote equality.

Over time, Americans' expectations of government have generally __________.

Increased ***

Americans' faith in institutions in the United States has __________.

Generally decreased

At the Constitutional Convention, the delegates agreed that slaves would be counted as __________ of a person for determining population for representation in the House of Representatives.

Three fifths

__________ is an economic theory designed to increase a nation's wealth through the development of commercial industry and a favorable balance of trade.


In what year was the Declaration of Independence signed?


The U.S. Constitution was adopted in response to the weaknesses of the Articles of __________.


The colonists rebelled against the unilateral imposition by the British government of which of the following?


Who was the author of the Declaration of Independence?

Thomas Jefferson

Which clause provides that the Constitution shall be the supreme law of the land?


Which of the following generally favored a strong national government and supported the proposed U.S. Constitution?


How many amendments have been made to the Constitution since its ratification?


In what year was the U.S. Constitution ratified?


The Constitution specifically provides for both the election and the removal of which of the following?

President *Check

Which of the following philosophers greatly influenced the colonists' views on the role of government?

John Locke

Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution contains which powers of Congress?


The Articles of Confederation required __________ consent from the states for ratification.


Which of the following generally opposed the idea of a strong national government because it would take power away from the states and would tax heavily?

Anti federalists

What type of legislature did the United States have under the Articles of Confederation?


Under the Constitution, the president is elected by which of the following?

Electoral college

What is the principle that each branch of the federal government has the means to thwart or influence actions by other branches of government?

Checks and balances

In the United States, the national government derives its power from which of the following?


What was the subject of the Great Compromise?

The form of the legislative branch

The publication of which of the following galvanized the colonists' belief that reconciliation with Great Britain was impossible?

Common sense

Which of the following is a reason for the separation of powers?

To prevent tyranny by any one branch.

Which of the following was part of both the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution?

Congress **Check

Which of the following can be found in Article I?

Necessary and proper clause

Which government entity has the power to settle disputes between the states?

Supreme Court

Which of the following remains a compelling source for determining the intent of the Framers?

The Federalist Papers

What was the greatest fear of the Anti-Federalists during the Constitutional Convention and subsequent debate?

That a strong national government would infringe on the essential liberties of the people.

Which of the following is a method of ratification for a constitutional amendment?

by three-fourths of the state legislatures

Generally, smaller states wanted to strengthen the Articles of Confederation, rather than replace them.


The Three-Fifths Compromise specified that only three-fifths of slaves could vote.


Article I describes the powers of the president.


The main weakness of the Articles of Confederation was the lack of a strong national government.


A constitution is a written document establishing the structure, functions, and limitations of a government.


Article III of the Constitution permits Congress to establish lower national courts.


The Anti-Federalists strongly supported the Bill of Rights.


The __________ party favored a strong national government.


In a __________ system, local and regional governments derive authority from the national government.

Unitary **Check. Could be federal?

What are the two types of powers given to the national government under the United States Constitution?

Enumerated, implied

Article VI of the U.S. Constitution establishes that federal law is __________ in conflicts between federal and state law.


The __________ Amendment says that says that those powers not given to the federal government and not prohibited to the states by the Constitution are reserved for the states and the people.


__________ powers are shared by the federal and state governments.


Which clause in the Constitution ensures that judicial decrees and contracts made in one state will be binding and enforceable in another?

Full Faith and Credit

What was the first major Supreme Court decision to define the relationship between the federal and state governments?

McCulloch v. Maryland

__________ is the right of state to declare a federal law void.


__________ grants typically allocate federal dollars based upon population.


What are reserved powers?

Powers not specifically delegated to the national government by the Constitution.

During the __________, national power was significantly expanded.

World War II **Check because in spite of what the book hinted I think it might be WWI

Nullification was particularly prominent during which era in American history?

Civil War

The power to __________ and __________ includes the right to place conditions on the receipt of federal money.

Tax, spend

As discussed in "The Living Constitution" box, the Defense of Marriage Act potentially violates which clause of the Constitution?

Full Faith and Credit

What was the dominant model of federalism in the 1950s?


Which type of federalism is characterized by a system of separate but equally powerful state and national governments?


Which of the following is an example of a reserved power of the states?

Imposing the death penalty

What is an unfunded mandate?

When the federal government creates programs without providing sufficient funds.

The doctrine of preemption is based on which clause of the U.S. Constitution?


Which of the following clauses requires states to return criminals to states where they have been convicted or are to stand trial?


The Seventeenth Amendment placed in the hands of the people the power to elect which of the following?


New Federalism favors which type of government grant?

Block Grants

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