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George Washington

1793 - Proclamation of Neutrality

John Adams

1798 - Alien and Sedition Acts

Thomas Jefferson

1803 - Louisiana Purchase

James Madison

War of 1812

James Monroe

1823 - Americas should be free from future European colonization

John Quincy Adams

1828 - The Tariff of Abominations

Andrew Jackson

1830 - Indian Removal Act

Martin Van Buren

Panic of 1837

William Henry Harrison

"Tippecanoe" - Died April 4, 1841 (31 days after taking office)

John Tyler

1841 - First Vice-President to become president

James K Polk

1846 - War with Mexico

Zachary Taylor

Compromise of 1850

Millard Fillmore

1850 - Fugitive Slave Act

Franklin Pierce

1854 - Kansas-Nebraska Act

James Buchanan

1857 - The Dred Scot Decision

Abraham Lincoln

1864 - The Battle of Gettysburg

Andrew Johnson

1868 - First President to be Impeached

Ulysses S Grant

1875 - Whiskey Ring Scandal

Rutherford B Hayes

Compromise of 1877 - The End of Reconstruction

James Garfield

1881 - Assassinated

Chester A Arthur

1882 - Chinese Exclusion Act

Grover Cleveland

1894 - Pullman Strike

Benjamin Harrison

1890 - Sherman Antitrust Act

William McKinley

1898 - Spanish-American War

Theodore Roosevelt

1906 - Pure Food and Drug Act

William Howard Taft

1909 - "Dollar Diplomacy"

Woodrow Wilson

1917 - the "Fourteen Points"

Warren G Harding

1923 - Teapot Dome Scandal

Calvin Coolidge

1928 - Kellog-Briand Pact

Herbert Hoover

1929 - Black Tuesday

Franklin D Roosevlet

1941 - Attack on Pearl Harbor

Harry S Truman

1945 - Atomic Bomb dropped on Hiroshima

Dwight D Eisenhower

1957 - Sent US Army to integrate Little Rock Central High School

John F Kennedy

1962 - Cuban Missile Crisis

Lyndon B Johnson

1964 - Civil Rights Act

Richard M Nixon

1972 - Watergate

Gerald Ford

1975 - the Fall of Saigon

Jimmy Carter

1979 - Iranian Hostage Crisis

Ronald Reagan

1986 - Iran-Contra Affair

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