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  1. deprivation
  2. reflex
  3. computer simulation
  4. contingency
  5. reinforcer
  1. a a relation in which the occurrence of one event depends on the occurrence of another event
  2. b an eliciting stimulus that functions to select environment-behavior relations
  3. c use of computers to model relations among real-world events, including those between the environment and the behavior of an organism
  4. d reliable environment-behavior relation, largely the result of natural selection
  5. e reduction of contact with a stimulus to levels below ad libitum (normal free access) levels (2)

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  1. a spurious environment-behavior relation that emerges without true dependencies between the behavior and eliciting stimuli
  2. stimulus that functions as reinforcer in operant procedures by having been paired with other reinforcers.
  3. weakening of unlearned environment-behavior relations when an stimulus is repeatedly presented without consequence
  4. an element of an adaptive neural network, simulating the activity of a neuron or group of neurons that mediate environmental events
  5. artificial, highly simplified, experimental arrangements used to clearly show the effects of the variables being studied

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  1. ventral tegmental area (VTA)an environment-behavior relation in which a taste or smell that has been followed by nausea is subsequently avoided by the organism


  2. unconditioned stimulus (unconditional stimulus, US)object or event that reliably produces behavior as result of natural (phylogenic) selection
    (2) (note: same as eliciting stimulus)


  3. motivating functionextent to which a response reliably follows presentation of a stimulus


  4. conditioned response (conditional response, CR)the response evoked by the CS in the classical procedure.


  5. glutamatean excitatory, amino acid neurotransmitter