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  1. conditioned stimulus (conditional stimulus, CS)
  2. model preparations
  3. temporal contiguity
  4. operants
  5. respondents
  1. a responses that are reliably evoked by a stimulus
  2. b artificial, highly simplified, experimental arrangements used to clearly show the effects of the variables being studied
  3. c the occurrence of two events with a very short time interval between them
  4. d stimulus which comes to evoke behavior by being paired with the eliciting stimulus in the classical procedure
  5. e responses that 1. are less reliably evoked by antecedent stimuli than respondents, 2. the antecedent stimulus is not well specified, and 3. which generally produce eliciting consequences

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  1. object or event that reliably produces behavior as result of natural (phylogenic) selection
    (2) (note: same as eliciting stimulus)
  2. 1; rule of learning incorporating selection processes in classical & operant procedures; 2; states that when a behavioral discrepancy occurs, an environment-behavior relation is selected consisting of stimuli present immediately before the discrepancy and responses occurring just before the elicited response
  3. increase in response probability to a range of other stimuli resulting from (usually intense) stimulus presentation
  4. an element of an adaptive neural network, simulating the activity of a neuron or group of neurons that mediate environmental events
  5. the response evoked by the CS in the classical procedure.

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  1. superstitious behaviorincrease in response probability to a range of other stimuli resulting from (usually intense) stimulus presentation


  2. presynaptic neuronthe neuron transmitting (producing/sending) the stimulation


  3. blockinga neuromodulator released by neurons in the VTA; its presence in a synapse produces long term increases in synaptic efficacy (2)


  4. instrumental (operant) conditioninglimitations, resulting from natural selection, on the outcome of behavioral selection by reinforcement


  5. reinforcerreliable environment-behavior relation, largely the result of natural selection