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What is a Transform Map in ServiceNow?
A map to determine relationships between fields displaying an Import Set to fields in an existing table
What application is available to all users?
How do you change the sort sequence of fields or tasks?
Modify the order field
Tables and Fields can be viewed and manipulated where?
Record List
Tables and Columns
Where do you change the Smart Filter Condition Builder?
Click arrow next to breadcrumb in list
How do you display the slushbucket?
Click List Mechanic gear above check boxes
What do you call a saved version of a personalized form?
A view
How do you apply a saved filter?
Click on the table name at the top of a list and select filter
What displays fields from one record and can be used to edit the record data?
A Form
What are the field status indicators?
Light red - required but has a saved value.
Green - Modified field content - need to save.
Red - Required and needs value.
Orange - Read-only
What does a red-dashed line indicate?
Invalid data or mis-typed word
What do you click to save changes on a new form and return to the prev viewed page?
What do you click to save changes on an existing record and return to prev form?
What do you click on to save changes without leaving the form?
Right click form header and click save
What do you do to save a new record to the db instead of updating the current item?
Insert or Insert and stay
What is a rule that applies to a form to dynamically change form information on the form itself?
UI Policy
What enables admins to set mandatory and read-only state for field?
Data Policy (not used much)
What do you use to put buttons, links and context menu items on forms and lists?
UI Actions
What is a control that applies permissions, sends notifications and triggers other processes when a record is displayed, inserted, updated or deleted or when a table is queried?
A Business Rule
Client script apply only when?
When access through the form
Business Rules apply when?
When SHOULDN'T you use client scripts?
When you can use UI policies or Access Control Rules
Client scripts can be executed in four ways. What are they? onCellEdit/onChange/onLoad/onSubmit
Can plug-ins be removed?
No, but they can be disabled
Name three interfaces for viewing and manipulating tables?
Record list view
Schema map
Tables and Columns module
What stores structure and relationship definitions?
Data Dictionary
What three tables provide Data Dictionary and relationship information?
How do you establish the sequence for displaying lists?
Order field - Best practice 3 digit numbers
What does CI stand for?
Configuration Item
What is a series of tables that contains all the assets and business services controlled by a compay?
What do you call a tangible device or intangible dedicated software in the CMDB?
A Configuration Item (CI)
What is the core CI table?
What is the CI relationship table?
List CI examples?
Computers/Devices on the network
software contracts and licenses
Business services
What are the two base tables of SN?
Task and CI
List Benefits of CMDB?
Locate failed changes and associate incidents
Facilitate quick analysis of impact, helping reduce or eliminate downtime
cost savings
What is a BSM map?
Business Service Map graphically displays the CIs that compose a biz service and indicates status
After the High Security plugin is activated, a security_admin privilege is created. What is an elevated privilege?
A role that has special permissions for the duration of the log in session
To access the control list you have to have which access?
Where is the user record stored?
In the User sys_user table
Where are groups stored?
Sys_user_group table
Where are roles stored?
Sys_user_role table
What is a collection of permission to grant access and assign security?
A role
Name the four built-in roles?
System Admin
Specialized Admin
What does a role inherit?
All the permissions of any other roles it includes
What is best practice for users/groups/roles?
Assign users to groups, map roles to groups. Don't map roles to users. Apply general roles to large groups and specific roles to smaller groups
What are the 3 levels of Access?
System (username/pw)/Applications and Modules (Roles)/Tables and Fields (System Properties/Access Control)
Where are row and column security set?
Access Control in Tables and Fields
Where is Table security set?
System Property in Tables and Fields
What are the three ways Access Control Rules are defined?
Conditional Expressions/Scripts/Roles
What is the list of all Access Controls for a table?
What is an Access Control?
A security rule defined and set at the row and column level
What is the Access Control evaluation?
Specific to general if all conditions are true (Conditions, Scripts and Roles)
In a SLA Definition, which one is a condition that will trigger an SLA?
Start condition, Stop condition and Pause conditions
What is the sequencing of publishing an Knowledge Article?
Name 4 ways the Knowledge Base can be populated?
From the Service Catalog with a Record Producer
Automatically from events
From existing Incidents or Tasks
What is the Knowledge base hierarchy?
How do you protect KB articles?
How do you allow users to access KB without logging in?
Make it public and protect with roles
What do you call an indication to the SN processes that something notable has occurred?
What can cause events?
User actions
Scripts(Business Rules/Workflows)
What contains a record of every generate event?
Event queue
What do events trigger?
What does a Notification contain?
A mix of static and dynamically determined content
Why would you clone an instance?
To copy prod over a sub-prod instance
What are the three release types?
Are user customization records upgraded?
What are best practices response times?
Total Response Time - network browser and server 3 seconds
Server Response time below 800 ms
What is a dashboard of frequently used content with reports?
A homepage
What do you call a mapped graphic image on a homepage that are packed reports?
A gauge
What is used to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of IT service management process?
What do metrics measure?
Data over time to show past history
What is a measurement of the set amount of time for a task to reach a certain condition?
What do you call it when SLA is not met?
What are the four major components that power SLA?
SLA Definition/Task SLA
SLA Workflow
SLA Automation (Business Rule and scheduled job)
What are the three types of SLA?
Operational Level Agreement(OLA) how departments work together
Underpinning Contract(UC) outside suppliers
What conditions define an SLA?
What is another name for Customer Updates?
Multiple Choice, Single Line Text and Select Box are what type of elements in ServiceNow?
Variable Types
What are the 3 basic components of Workflow?
How do you modify or create a Workflow?
Utilize he Graphical Workflow Editor
How do you modify or create a Workflow?
Utilize he Graphical Workflow Editor
What is a robust ordering system for services, hardware and software and the central repository of goods and services that an IT service desk provides for users?
Service Catalog
Name the major components of Service Catalog?
Record Producers
Order Guides
Name some of the various items that orders from Service Catalog generate?
REQ/RITM/Catalog Task/Assignment Group
What is a variable set?
A modular unit of variables that can be shared between catalog items
What are Service Catalog best practices?
Define an order guide/Group items in order guide/Use questions to present item options
What are the 5 workflow stages?
Waiting for approval
Delivery/Completed or Request cancelled
What 3 basic components are generated and assigned by workflows
Name the 6 workflow activities?
By default in ServiceNow, what customizations are added to Update Sets?
Changes made to a form
Where do you go in SN to change the banner and colors?
System Properties, then CSS Properties
What do you use to import data from various data sources and map data into SN tables?
Import Set
What determines the relationship between the Import Set Table and an existing ServiceNow table?
Transform map
What are the steps for using Import Sets and Transform Maps?
1. Load Data/2. Create Transform MAP/3.Run transform
What does coalescing do before a transform?
Makes a field the unique key
What do you call a group of customizations or personalizations that can be packaged and moved from one instance to another?
An Update Set
What table is used to track changes in an update set?
Customer Update sys_update_xml table
What cannot be customized with update sets?
New Records/New users and groups/Modified data/Schedules
Can homepages be added to update sets?
Only manually
Should you include few or many changes in one Update Set?
Can two update sets be merged?
What is the sequence on the production instance to run an Update Set?