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Servicenow System Administrator Review - Module 1


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What are the four areas of the primary UI?
Banner Frame, Edge, Application Navigator and Content Frame
What runs across the top of every page and contains a logo and global navigational controls?
The Banner Frame
What allows you to create and customize bookmarks, toggle screen views, display tagged documents, and view a live feed flyout?
The Edge
What provides links to all application menus and modules?
The Application Navigator
What displays information such as lists, forms, homepages, knowledge bas and service catalog?
The Content Frame
Name the various tools and controls contained in the banner frame?
Welcome Message, Impersonation Icon, Elevated Privileges, Global Text Search, Collapse/Expand Banner, Logout, and System Menu Gear
What part of the banner frame shows the name of the current user and provides a link to the user's profile?
The Welcome Message
What allows the administrator to switch user views without logging out?
The Impersonation Icon
What screen element in the banner frame, that is "Administrators Only", is used for testing security and role-specific setup functions?
The Impersonation Icon
This allows the user to elevate to a higher security role when needed then return to thier normal role?
Elevated Privileges
What are two "Administrators Only" controls used in the banner frame?
Impersonation Icon and Elevated Privileges
What banner frame control searches for text in multiple applications?
Global Text Search
This alters the amount of space the banner frame occupies?
Collape/Expand Banner
What screen element in the banner frame returns the user to the welcome page for subsequent logins?
What are the actions associated with the System Menu Gear?
Access Homepages, Use the Application Picker, Select Update Sets, Change Themes, Configure Displays of Lists and Forms, Modify Time Zone Settings, and Enable Split Layout
What is the difference between the System Gear Icon and the System Menu Gear?
They are the same
What happens when you click on the "Printer Friendly Version" Hyperlink while in the System Gear Icon Menu?
It loads the content frame into a new window
This allows you to create and customize bookmarks, toggle screen views, and display tagged documents?
The Edge
What screen element allows you to display your instance homepage?
The Edge
What organizes and provides links to all the applications and modules you have access to in ServiceNow?
The Application Navigator
What screen element is used by administrators to customize which applications are available to users?
The Application Navigator
What is used to quickly access application menus and modules?
The Type Filter Text
What is used to toggle between showing only the favorite modules and showing all modules?
The Filter Favorite Icon
What must you use at the end of URL to simulate a mobile environment on your desktop/laptop browser?
What should you type in at the end of the URL to return to the standard browser interface?
What must you use at the end of URL to simulate a tablet environment on your PC browser?
Where are changes made to allow changing header bar color across an instance, globally?
CSS Properties
Displayed information from a data table, organized in sortable columns is known as:
These are used to display information from a record in a data table.
What is a Table?
A database element. It also organizes data by rows (records) and columns (fields)
What is a Record?
One set of table fields
What is a Field?
A cell in a table (the intersection of a row and a column)
What is a unique 32 character Globally Unique ID (GUID) used to identify a record?
What allows field values to be changed without having to access a form?
The List Editor
Name the three types of List Controls?
Column Control, Record Control and List Control
What is a View?
A saved version of a customized form or list which defines the layout order and what fields appear on the form or list.
System administrators can create and use different views in a Incident for who?
ESS user, ITIL user and Mobile user
When switching views, this submits the form , which saves all changes and triggers what?
Any Onsubmit Client Scripts
When using the slushbucket to add or remove fields from a list, what two columns are used to perform this action?
The Available Items and the Selected Items
What is the Personalized List Gear used for?
To display the slushbucket used to personalize your individual list
What does it mean when you see a small blue dot on the Personalized List Gear Icon?
It lets you know that the list has been modified and it no longer matches the default
When a individual user personalizes a list, It Does or Does Not affect the system default?
Does Not
As a systems administrator, if you have personalized your list layout using the list mechanic, what needs to be done before you can apply global changes?
Reset the column defaults
What are Breadcrumbs?
A hierarchical filter list of conditions
In the smart filter condition builder, what are the three elements of a filter?
Field, Operator, Value
When applying a saved filter, what breadcrumb would you use?
List Control Menu>Filters>your_saved_filter_name
What is a Form?
It displays fields from one record
What two ways can you directly load a form?
-Searching an incident number in the Global Text Search
-Clicking in a List
What are field status indicators?
A colored asterisk that may appear to the left of the mandatory fields
What color is the field status indicator when a required field is Unpopulated?
What color is the field status indicator when a required field that contains data but has not been saved: It's referred to as Populated - Unsaved?
Light Red
What color is the field status indicator when a required field for which a value has been saved: It is referred to as Populated - Saved?
When configuring form fields, what breadcrumb do you follow?
Configure>Form layout
What is Submit?
To save changes on a new form and return to the previously viewed page
What is Update?
To save changes on an existing record and return to the previously viewed page
What is Save?
To save changes without leaving form view
What is Insert?
Saves a new record to the data base instead of updating the current item. It also makes a copy and leaves the form.
What is Insert and Stay?
Saves a new record to the data base instead of updating the current item. It also makes a copy and stays on the form.
Tags can be created on a List or a form. Name these tags.
Standard, Most Active, Most Recent, Most Active Record, Most Recent Record
What are Wildcards?
A symbol to represent zero or more characters
What is phrase searches?
Find a phrase with multiple terms
What are Boolean Operators?
Refined searches with operators such as AND and OR
What are attachment searches?
Searches in files that are attached to records
What are International Character Sets?
Searches with any Unicode characters
What is the name of the Servicenow search engine?
What are the names of the Wildcard Search Syntaxes
mySearchTerm, mysearchterm%, %mysearchterm, !mysearchterm, =mysearchterm, !=mysearchterm, mysearchterm
What does *mySearchTerm mean?
Does a search CONTAINS
What does mysearchterm% mean?
Does a search STARTS WITH
What does %mysearchterm mean?
Does a search ENDS WITH
What does !*mysearchterm mean?
Does a search DOES NOT CONTAIN
What does =mysearchterm mean?
Does a search EQUALS
What does !=mysearchterm mean?
Does a search NOT EQUALS
What does mysearchterm mean?
Common Types of Interfaces?
Homepage, List, Form, Dashboard, Map and Timeline
Enables you to display multiple performance analytics, reporting and other widgets on a single screen
Display graphically on a Google map
Used to track tasks or projects
Through Personalize List Columns, you can do the following
Add, Remove , Rearrange Columns and Reset Column Defaults
Available Searches in ServiceNow
- Wildcards
- Phrase Searches
- Searching Lists
- Boolean Operators
- Attachment Searches
- International Character Sets
- Punctuation
Ways to assign tags
- From the list view using inline editing
- From a list using record control menu
- Configuring tags to assign automatically
Field types
- String
- Choice
- True/ False
- Date/ Time
- Reference
Reference field stores a unique identifier named
Form element used to display information that is not a field in the record
Examples of formatters
- Activity formatter
- Process flow formatter
- Parent breadcrumbs formatter
- Approval summarizer formatter
- CI Relations formatter
Displays the list of activities, or history, on a task form
Activity formatter
Displays the different stages in a linear process flow across the top of a record
Process flow formatter
Provides breadcrumbs to show parent or parents of the current task
Parent breadcrumb formatter
Displays dynamic summary information about the request being approved
Approval summarizer formatter
Displays on the CI forma toolbar for viewing the relationships between current CI and related CIs
CI Relations formatter
How to go back to normal view from mobile view?
How to change branding?
System Properties > Basic Configuration UI16