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ServiceNow System Administrator Review - Module 4


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Repository of technically relevant information, available to users in our organization.
Knowledge Base
What are KB population methods?
1.) Manually
2.) Record Producer
3.) Automatically
4.) From existing
Highest level of KB hierarchy
Second highest level of KB hierarchy
Accessed directly from a topic box or from within the category list
How can you limit who wants to view an article?
User Criteria; Specify User Roles
Article is being written and stored in the KB
Article is ready for subject matter expert (SME) and professional review
Article is current and available according to role assigned
Legacy Documentation, article is superseded by more current information
What are the advantages of task-based flow?
1.) KB submissions show up on engineery's "my work" queue.
2.) Knowledge submissions show up on task based work reports so engineers get "credit" for working on KB
3.) Automated feedback to knowledge submitters lets them know their submissions are being worked on
4.) Admins can enable task-based submission
How can articles be flagged for review?
Flag article checkbox
Where do you go to review flagged articles?
Knowledge Base > Flagged Articles
When does the flag article checkbox display?
When a published article is viewed
ServiceNow KB can be public or private but is _ by default.
What is sometimes called the "Blue Book" icon
Search Knowledge
Robust ordering system for services, hardware, and software and is a central repository of goods and services that an IT service desk provides for users
Service Catalog
What are 4 things the service catalog provides
Ordering System, Service Desk Access, Help and training portal, one stop shopping
What is a dynamic category for displaying the five most ordered items?
Top Requests
A database structured document with info about all live IT services, including those available for deployment. It is the only part of the ITIL service portfolio published to customers and is used to support the sale and delivery of IT services.
The official definition of the ITIL service catalog
These build the system components associated with the request
Record Producers
These are the building blocks of the service catalog
What provides questions to help the requester specify what item, option, or service to order
What provides easier ordering by bundling items
Order Guides
Run behind the scenes and communicate the stages of the approval process to the requestor, as well as drive the request fulfillment
An interface used to create service catalog records; an alternative to lists and forms. Each of these focuses on a specific process or task and can be used anywhere in the ServiceNow platform. In the Service Catalog, these are presented in categories along with catalog items.
Record Producer
Users can use these to create incident, request, an emergency change, and more
Record Producer
These provide options to tailor a catalog item to the customer's needs. Questions that define item options can be added to ask the end user ordering the catalog item.These provide options to tailor a catalog item to the customer's needs. Questions that define item options can be added to ask the end user ordering the catalog item.
Can affect the order price. They are flagged as global by default and will display in all the execution tasks of a requested item. It is defined once and can be used in multiple places.
This provides the ability to order multiple, related items as one request displayed on an initial screen. Where user fills in some preliminary information and, based on the initial information, it displays one or more catalog items for the user to order.
Order Guide
Catalog Item Designer
Enables non-admins to create, maintain, and publish catalog items. Best suited to manage items that have basic questions, approvals, and tasks.
What are the stages for a requested item?
Waiting for approval, approved, pending, fulfillment, completed
This assists users in determining what items they actually need.
Order Guide
What are multiple choice, select box, single line text, reference, checkbox
Variable Types
What is a modular unit of variables that can be shared between catalog items?
Variable Set
Where do you go to create new variables?
Service Catalog > Catalog Variables > Variable Sets
What establishes a sequence for displaying lists
Order Field (Item with 100 order field displays first, 200 displays second)
Visual Representation of activities consisting of connected steps planned out in a sequential manner.
What is the service catalog request items table name?
What are the two default stages for the request item [sc_req_item] table?
Request Cancelled, Completed
What are the Service Catalog workflow stages?
Waiting for approval, fulfillment, delivery, completed, (or Request Cancelled)
What is the service catalog workflow created with?
Graphical Workflow editor
Which table is a service catalog workflow on?
Where do you go to view an existing workflow?
Workflow > Workflow Editor
What are the workflow activities?
Approval, Conditions, Notifications, Tasks, Timers, Utilities
What is a table which defines a set amount of time for a task to reach a certain condition?
Service Level Agreement (SLA)
What is it called when an SLA task does not reach the condition?
What are the 4 main components that work together to power the SLA plugin?
SLA Definition, Task SLA, SLA Workflow, SLA Automation
What are the types of SLA's
Service Level Agreement, Operational Level Agreement, Underpinning contract
What is the name of the task SLA table?
Which table stores each of the individual SLAs attached to particular tasks?
Task SLA
What defines how departments work together to meet the service level requirements documented in an SLA?
Operational Level Agreement (OLA)
What defines and monitors the guarantees established with an outside supplier and is a tool for supplier management?
Underpinning contract (UC)
Best practice for time Zones: Set the time zone as the _ because in the SLA properties you can set the time zone based on the _ or _ 's time zone
systems, CI, caller
What is a mapped graphic image on a homepage? It is a refreshable widget viewable as a homepage section.
When creating User Criteria, if the Match All check box is selected then
only users who match all criteria are given access.
When creating User Criteria, if the Match All check box is not selected then
the user must meet one or more of the set criteria to be given access.
User Criteria definitions include
- CanRead
- CantRead
- CanContribute
- CantContribute
To implement User Criteria, navigate to
Knowledge > Administration > User Criteria
In Service Catalog,____users can order pre-defined, bundled goods and services from the IT organization, or other departments.
Employee Self Service (ESS)
Administrators and users with the_____role can define catalog items, including formatted descriptions, photos, and prices.
catalog admin
Service Catalog Major Components
- Items
- Record Producers
- Variables
- Variable Sets
- Workflows
Service Catalog variables are flagged as ______ by default and will display in all the execution tasks of a requested item.
T/F A variable is defined once and can be used in multiple places.
A request number generated to keep track of an order is stored in___ table
REQ# Request [sc_request] table
Within a request generated from a catalog order, each discrete item ordered is given a specific "Requested Item Number" known as an RITM (number).
RITM# Requested Item [sc_req_item] table
n the Catalog Tasks section for an ordered item, the different tasks display for what has to be done to get the item ready for delivery to the user, for example; the Assignment group, the Due date, Work start, and Work end dates.
SCTASK# Catalog Task [sc_task] table
a _______ is just a container, so it has only two fields: Name and Description.
Variable Set
How to create a new Variable Set?
Service Catalog > Catalog Variables > Variable Sets
_______ can control access to Service Catalog records
User Criteria
How to create a new Service Catalog item?
Service Catalog > Catalog Definitions > Maintain Items
How to create a new Service Catalog categories?
Service Catalog > Maintain Categories