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Little Land Animals

little bear (s)
Makoons (ag)
little beaver (s)
Amikoons (ag)
little buffalo (s)
Mashkodebizhikiins (ag)
little cat (s)
Gaazhagensens (ag)
little cow (s)
Bizhikiins (ag)
little caribou (s)
Adikoons (ag)
little chipmunks (s)
Agongosensens (ag)
little deer
Waawaashkeshiins (as)
little dog (s)
Animoshens (ag)
little fish
Giigoozens (ag)
little fisher (s)
Ojiigens (ag)
little fox (s)
Waagoshens (ag)
little frog (s)
Omakakiins (ag)
little horse (s)
Bebezhigooganzhiins (ag)
little mouse (s)
Waawaabigonoojiins (ag)
little otter (s)
Nigigoons (ag)
little pig (s)
Gookooshens (ag)
little rabbit (s)
Waaboozoons (ag)

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