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Bathing dressing, and eating are all activities of daily living?


Chronic conditions associated with agin rarely result in a loss of independence?


PhysIcal strenth and agility and assistive devices are areas in which a nursing assistant can help a resident become more independent?


Residents who no longer believe they can do anything for themselves have a condition know as?

Learned helplessness

When dealing with dependent residents, it is helpful if the nursing assistant?

Encourages the residents to do task they are able to do

Special training includes finding other crative ways to accomplish a tassk.


Few assistive devices are available to help dependent residents accomplish otherwise impossible tasks.


Adaptive equipment enables residents to preform bodily functions they

Would otherwise be unable to do

Mr. Lowery is suffering from Alzheimer's disease. How should the nursing assistant care for her.

Be patient and consistent

When trying to help an uncooperative resident, it is best to be firm but pleasant


Long term care facilities do not need to hire an activity coordinator


The activity coordinator is respomsible for recreational and social program in a long-term care facility


Arts and crafts, movies and exercise classes are some of the recreational and social activities offered by a long-term care


It may be the nursing assistant's responsibility to keep the resident informed of current activitie and their dates, times, and locations.


The nursing assistant should not do one of the folllowing things. WHich?

Force the resident to try a new activity

residents who are confined to their eds have the same social and recreational needs as more active residents.


WHen residents are confined to bed, they are unable to take part in activiities.


Since confused residents are unable to concentrate for very long, they dont really need social ctivities


Who is the most familiar staff member for the confused resident.

Nursing Assistant

Recrecational and social activities in a long term care facility are so an important part of a resident's care plan


Mrs. Daniels, a resident, is orgetful and sometimes leaves her gold wedding band on the nightstand in her room. What is appropriate for the nursing assistant

Put it in the safe in a marked envelope

Perdonal belongings should be clearly marked with the resident's name and room number


Who is responsible for cleaning and caring for a residents prosthesis

Nursing Assistant

When a resident has an artificial limb, why shoud a stump sock be worn?

To prevent swelling

Artificial eye should be removed at bedtime and placed in a container of contact lens solution


Before reinserting Mrs. Donley's contact lenses, what action should the nursing assistant take

Clean and rinse them

Whie cleaning eyeglasses, the nurse asistant should inspect them for loose or broken parts


Mrs. Murphy has trouble hearing and wears a hearing aid. What are the nursing asistant responsibilities towards care of the hearing aid

Report the need for repairs or batteries

When not in use, a hearing aid shoud be be stored

In a marked container

Ambulation devices refers to artificial limbs


You should be safety conscious mainly

At all times

The most common hazards facing residents are

Slips and falls

If you see something that does'nt belong on a corridor floor

Pick it ip immediately

If you find someone who has fallen you should

Do not move her before she is check for injuries

to pull out an electrical plug you shuld pull by

The plug only

pure oyygen causes a fire to burn faster than room air

Paper wood and cloth

A resident's belongingd should be stored

within easy reach

If you find an unlabeled container of liquid, you should

Properly dispose of it immediately

The lettter R in the memory aid for fire stands for


Where is the center of gravity

HIp for female and shoulders for men

When lifting heavy objects carry them as far away from the body as possible


The rules of good sitting posture state that you should keep your feet flt on the floor and your knees ankles and hips at right ankles


When moving a heavy object by yourself, what you should do

Pull it or roll it

Your resident, Mrs. Stone, must be turned in bed without bending her ankles, knees, or hips. The technique you should use is called

Log -rollling

When moving a resident in bed, you should not encourage him or her to assist with the move


When lifting and moving residents, always explain to them what you are going to do


When moving a resident with a lift sheet

Roll on the lift sheet as close as possible to th residents body

IN a pivot transfer of a partially paralyzed resident from bed to wheelchair

Position the wheelchair on the resident's nonparalyzed side

The technique for lifting, moving and transfering residents require a lot of practice by the nursing assistant in order to be done properly and easily.


Leg and back braces are worn to limit or assist in movement


When a resident wears a leg or back brace, what should the nursing asistant routinely do

Check the skin under the brace for signs of irritation

Mr. Wilson is very weak and has trouble supporting himself for long. Which type of walker is he most likely to use

Wheeled walker

Mrs. Mills is anxious about ambulating. How can the nursing asistant aid her

Encourage her to set goals and move toward them

Ambulation is beneficial to a residnet because it strengthens muscles and improves circulation, as well as improving self-esteem


Where is a gait belt worn

Around the residents waist

WHen assisting a resident with some paralysis to stand, you should stand either in front of the resident or on the unafected (strong) side


The resident should wear light slippers when walking


It's okay to lift a resident from the floor by yourself


Every employee in a long-term care facility is responsible for the safety of every resident


WHich of the following is true about side rails

INstructions on when to use side rails should be in each residents chart

Few residents in long-term care facilities use wheelchair


The cane is used on which side of the residents body

The weak side

If a resident needs to decrease the weight supported by one or both legs, what should he or she use


Restraints can be used

To protect the resident, under physician order

A vest support

Provides postural support

Application of restraints is considered the last resort-used to protect the resident, or to prevent him or her from harming others


An alternative to restraints is

Constantly observing the resident

UNder which of these conditions should the nuring assistants report to the charge nurse the possible need for a postural support

When a resident cannot sit upright and keeps falling out of the wheel chair

Long periods of inactivity can cause bodily changes which may prevent future movement


What are contractures

Abnormally shortened muscles

What is the name of the procedure in which a nursing assistant helps a residnet perform exercises at many body joints

Passage range of motion

In doing range of motion excercises, you should start with the fet and work your way up the body to the head


To prevent pneumonia, the nursing asistant can encourage the resident to

Do deep breathing andd coughing

Which of the following reduces constipation

Eating more cereals, fruits, and vegetables

The purpose of range of motion exercises is to decrease activity and movement


When a resident is in bed for long periods, uninry infections may result


What can the nursing asistant do to help a resident prevent urinary problems

Increase the residents fluid intake

Lying in one position for long periods of time increases on bony areas of the body, sometimes resulting in pressure sores


Decubitus ulcers, or pressure sores, develp when a resident sits or lies in one position for too long


The body areas most likely to develop pressure sores are

WHere bones are near the skin

Residents at particularly high risk for developing pressure ulcers are those who are immoble


When do air, water or gel mattresses and cushions do

Provide cushioning, air nd light pressure relief

IN what position do immobile, bed-restricted residents spend most of their time


What is the first sign of a beginnning bedsores

Redness or darkened area

What can a nursing assistant do to prevent the resident from getting pressure ulcers

tKeep bedding wrinkle free

Lying on either side is recommended for bedridden residents


It is easier to prevent pressure ulcers than it is to heal them


Immobile residnets should be repositioned at least every two hours


Why arent wrinkles acceptable in bedding

They can cause pressure sores and they make the resident uncomfortable

How can the nursing asistant prevent pressure on the resident's toes from the bed covers

Form a toe pleat across the foot of the bed

The proper step to begin making an unoccupled bed is

Obtain clean linen

When making an occupied bed, always put the side rail up on the side opposite you


The pillow should be removed from under the resident's head when making an occupied bed


A back rub may be ordered when changing the position of immoblize residents to increase circulation and comfort


One advantage of a back rub is

It increase circulation

When giving the resident a back rub, in what order should the procedure be done

Wash your hands, apply lotion, pat resident's back with with a towel

Cleansing the perineal area between showers or bath

Helps prevent irritation and infection

Perineal care is especially important for incontinent residents


Bathing is important because it restores cleanliness, stimulates circulation, and provides movement and exercise


The nursing assistant is responsible for bathing the resident who is confined to bed


OLder residnets are usually given a complete bath no more than once a week


The temperature of the bath water should be about

105 degrees

A residentt should never be asked to check the temperature of the bath water


It is important to protect the resident's privacy when bathing by pulling the curtains or closing the door


Mrs Olsen needs a bath but cannot leave the bed. The nursing asistant should

Provide a full bed bath

Genital areas should be washed from side to side to avoid infection


The different ways to bathe a resident are the complete bed bath, partial bed bath, tub, and shower


When bathing a resident, the nursing assistant should

Look for rashes, bruises, and broken skin

Mrs Smith has a nasogastric tube. What is most important to remember in assisting her with oral hygiene

It should be done every two hour

Residents who wear dentures should take good care of their mouth and gums as well as their dentures


What kind of toothbrush is recommended for residents

A junior-sized soft bristled brush

You should trim the toenails of residents regularly


Mr.Leslie has a cast on his left arm and he is unable to dress or undress himself. In helping Mr :Leslie dress, what procedure should the nursing assistant follow

Dress Mr. Leslie's left side first

It is recommended that mouthwash be used full strength


The nursing assistnt should inspect the resident's mouth, teeth, gums, and tonguefor changes or signs of injury


Mr stanley owns a electric razor. Are there any restictions regarding shaving with his electric razor

1 only safety razors may be used, 2. It can only be used by the nursing asistant 3. It may never be used if he or his roommate is using oxygen

For older residents hair care becomes unimportant and you can ignore it


If the nursing asistant nicks the resident while shaving it should be reported


SIgns of impaired circulation of a bandaged limb include swelling, pain and change in the skin color


What is the most common type of dressing


The nursing assistant is responsible for applying sterelr dressings to open wounds


Tape should be applied parallel to a joint


How many pairs of gloved are necessary to change a dressing


When applying a dressing

Place the used dressing in an infectious waste bag

When applying a elastic bandages

Begin wrapping the part of the limb farthest from the heart

Elastic bandages must be removed at least every 8 hours


Dressing are used to protect the skin from drying out around a wound


A wrapping limb should be observed for signs of impaired circulation an d swelling


An intrvenous infusion (IV) is used to

Put fluid into a resident's vein

Setting up n intravenous infusion is the nursing assistnt's responsibility


If a resident's skin near am IV needle is red or swollen.You should

Tell the charge nurse

If you help change the clothing of a resident on an IV it is okay to detach the tubing briefly


If an IV bab or bottle is nearly empy you should

Tell the charge nurse

An IV bottle must always be

Above the resident

If you are helping replace a gown on a peron with an IV , which arm of the gown do yu remove first?

The arm without th IV

Tube feeding is done thrugh a tube inserted thrugh the residents nose or

A surgical incision into the stomach

If a resident moves nd causes a kink in an IV tube you should immediatley inform the charge nurse


If a resident moves and cause a kink in a feeding tube, you should immediately inform the charge nurse


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