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word, idea, reason, speech
analogy (n.)
words that draw comparisons and similarities
apology (n.)
words expressing regret; words asking to be excused for an action
dialog (n.)
a conversation between two or more people; words shared between people
epilogue (n.)
a short section added to the end of a book; a short poem or speech directly to the audience at the end of a play
eulogy (n.)
kind words spoken about a person who has passed away; high praise
logbook (n.)
an official record; a book in which information is written in a timely manner
logical (adj.)
a statement, thought or action that is reasonable; words that make sense
logo (n.)
a word, name, symbol, or trademark designed for easy recognition
monologue (n.)
a long speech made by one person; a continuous series of jokes delivered by a comedian
prologue (n.)
introduction; preface; an introductory chapter at the beginning of a book or play

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