19 terms

Chapter 15 - the chromosomal basis of inheritance

an abnormality involving a chromosome number that is not an exact multiple of the haploid number (one chromosome set is incomplete)
Barr body
an inactive X chromosome
crossing over
the interchange of sections between pairing homologous chromosomes during the prophase of meiosis
removes a chromosomal segment
down syndrome
aneuploid condition named trisomy 21
repeats a segment
genetic map
a genetic map of chromosomes based on recombination frequencies
genetic recombination
the regrouping of genes in an offspring that results in a genetic makeup that is different from that of the parents
reverses a segment
linked genes
genes on the same chromosome, with likelyness to be inherited together
map units
distance between genes
mutant phenotype
alternative, or more uncommon phenotypes
pairs of homologous chromosomes do not separate normally during meiosis
parental types
offspring with a matching phenotype to a parent
when a chromosome has multiple sets of chromosomes
recombinant types
a new combination of traits differing from the parents
sex-linked gene
a gene that is located on a sex chromosome
moves a segment from one chromosome to another
wild type
normal phenotypes commonly expressed