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chapter 8 section 1-The Drive for Reform


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movement that responded to pressures of industrialization and urbanization by promoting reforms
writers that are too fascinated with the ugliest side of things
upton sinclair's the jungle-related
despair of immigrants working in Chicago's stockyards
upton sinclair's the jungle-revealed
unsanitary conditions in the industry
social gospel
reform movement that wanted to improve society by applying christian principles
jane addams' settlement house
opened Hull House in Chicago, included 13 buildings, inspired other women to become social workers
triangle shirtwaist fire
workers in factory died due to exits being locked
the triangle shirtwaist fire shocked
the triangle shirtwaist fire focused
attention on protecting workers
toledo mayer "golden rule" jones
successful reform mayor of toledo
people write their own law
citizens approve or reject laws passed by legislature
fighting bob la follette of wisconsin
won passage of many reform laws, leader among several states
how was progressivism similar to early populist movement
wanted to get rid of corrupt government officials
how was progressivism different to early populist movement
progressivism was middle class, populist movement was farmers and workers
what areas did progressives think were in need of the greatest reform
political reform, women's rights to vote, honest gov.
what problems did muckrakers expose about progressives
political corruption, high fees, charge costumers
what effect did muckraker work have on progressive reform
increased popular support for progressivism
what specific progressive reforms came from the social gospel idea
improve lives of poor, end child labor, shorter workweek
reformers who believed industrialization and urbanization created problems
progressives wanted to reform by using
logic and reason
progressives believed honest and efficient gov. could bring about
social justice
if you have efficient and honest gov., you can end
if you have an efficient and honest gov., you can make gov. more ? to people's needs
what should educated leaders use to improve societies
modern ideas, scientific techniques
issues progressives had were corrupt
political machines
another issue progressives had were trusts and
another issue progressives had were women's
triangle shirtwaist fire led to
forming of political parties
muckrakers used ? to uncover and dramatize societal ills
investigative reporting
Ex: of muckraker:Ida Tarbell wrote the
History of Standard oil
Ex: of muckraker:Jacob Rills exposed
bad conditions poor people were forced to live under
Jacob Rills' book
How the Other Half Lives
upton sinclar's novel the jungle provided a shocking look at
meatpacking in chicago's stockyards
progressives were more
problems of the urban poor
poverty, civil rights, unfair and dangerous working conditions
how progressive reformers worked to change society(Jane Addams and her settlement house)
led settlement house movement
how progressive reformers worked to change society(Jane Addams and her urban community centers)
provided social services for immigrants and poor
how progressive reformers worked to change society(christian reformers' social gospel)
demanded shorter work day and end of child labor
triangle shirtwaist fire
146 workers died, many young women jumped to their deaths or burned
what happened as result of triangle shirtwaist fire
less hours, conditions improved, higher pay
progressives succeeded in
reducing child labor and improving school enrollment
which groups in american society opposed progressive reform
how did businesses oppose progressive reform
fought labor laws in supreme court which ruled on several cases concerning workday length
the international ladies' garment workers union(ILGWU) organized
unskilled workers
the international ladies' garment workers union(ILGWU) called a general strike known as
uprising of 20,000
as result of the international ladies' garment workers union(ILGWU)'s general strike known as uprising of 20,00 strikes won
shorter workweek, higher wages
as result of the international ladies' garment workers union(ILGWU)'s general strike known as uprising of 20,00 strikes attracted thousands of
workers to the union
toledo mayer "golden rule" jones determined workers should
receive large enough salary to support their families
toledo mayer "golden rule" jones asked his employees to
work hard, be honest, follow golden rule
toledo mayer "golden rule" jones-if workers promised to work hard, be honest, and follow golden rule, jones promised employees
fair wages, safe working conditions
toledo mayer "golden rule" jones-became known as samuel "golden rule" jones because of his
toledo mayer "golden rule" jones-made
toledo mayoral office, implemented progressive reforms
toledo mayer "golden rule" jones opened up
free kindergartens
toledo mayer "golden rule" jones built
toledo mayer "golden rule" jones instituted
8 hour day for city workers
robert fighting bob
created wisconsin idea
robert fighting bob wanted various
progressive reforms
what are progressive reforms robert fighting bob want
direct primary elections, limited campaign spending
robert fighting bob created
commissions to regulate railroads
at national level, congress passed laws establishing
federal regulation of meatpacking, drugs, railroad industries
at national level, congress strengthened
anti trust laws
at national level, congress lowered the
at national level, congress established
federal control overbanking system
at national level, congress enacted
legislation to improve working conditions
amendment 16
authorized income tax
amendment 17
provided for direct election of senators
amendment 18
prohibited manufacture and sale of alcohol
amendment 19
extended vote to women
secret ballot
people vote privately without fear of coercion
direct primary
voters select party's candidates for public office