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chapter 8 section 3


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booker t. washington
told blacks to move slowly toward racial progress
anti-defamation league goal
defend jews against physical and verbal attacks
what steps did minorities take to combat social problems and discrimination
free african americans, make them free from peonage, disfranchisement, and insult
how did progressives' views about race and values foster prejudice
believed some people were more fit to play role in society
what do differing approaches of booker t. washington and w.e.b. du bois suggest about their views of american society
unfair and unequal
were the goals and actions of the mutualistas more similar to those of urban league or to those of anti defamation league? explain
urban league because both focused on poor workers and to help people
progressives were
progressives were middle-class
progressives were protestants who held
racial and ethnic prejudices
progressives were hostile to
minority of immigrant cultures
progressives were upset that immigrants used
alcohol during their meals
progressives favored plessy
v ferguson decision discrimination
progressives thought
segregation was norm
w.e.b. bois demanded
african americans receive all constitutional rights immediately
niagra movement rejected
gradualist approach
niagra movement believed african americans should
think for themselves
progressives joined with
niagra movement
progressives joined with niagra movement to form
why did progressives joined with niagra movement to form NAACP?
riot against african americans
goal of NAACP
gain voting and civil rights for african americans
urban league formed to create
network of local clubs and churches
urban league formed to create network of local clubs and churches to assist
african americans migrating to northern cities
urban league helped
poor find jobs, housing, clothing, schools for children
mutualists were groups that provided
legal assistance and insurance
latinos were subject to unfair labor contracts, which
mutualists helped defeat
mexican americans formed ?
theodore roosevelt election period
roosevelt was elected vice president in 1900 but Mckinley was ? the next year
william howard election period
william howard name of program
as winter neared, roosevelt feared what might happen if
strike wasn't resolved
arbitrators gave workers
shorter workday and higher pay
roosevelt disliked
bad trusts that bullied small businesses
3 tycoons joined railroad companies to
eliminate competition
northern securities company
dominated rail shipping
William Howard Taft is a
Eugene Debs is a
Theodore Roosevelt was former
even though Theodore Roosevelt was former republican, he ran as
bull moose progressive