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During the process of photosynthesis, green plants convert inorganic carbon in the form of __________ into organic molecules such as glucose
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The double-membrane organelles contain packets of pigment-embedded membranes called _____________________ that are stacked on top of each other forming columns called ____________thylakoid, granaA gel-like filling called the ______________ surrounds these packets and contains enzymes needed for the light independent reactionstromaThe first part of photosynthesis involves converting the sun's energy into chemical energy. This part of the reaction is called the _______________________________ and occurs in the __________________________ of the chloroplast.thylakoidsIn the earliest photosynthesizing prokaryotes this is a cyclic process. There is only one photosystem at work. The reaction center is a molecule called _______________P700Other pigments in the photsytem channlel energy through this molecule which becomes _____________________, meaning it looses an ___________________________oxidized, electronA protein called ______________________ accepts the energized electron.ferrodoxinIt is then passed though an ________________________ losing energy along the wayelectron transport chainThis energy is used to run ____________________________ which creates an electrochemical gradient.proton pumpsAs a result, ________________ is sythesized and is the product of the cyclic cycle.ATPThe evolution of a second photosystem working in conjunction with the first resulted in a more efficient photoprocess. The process is now non-cyclic, the energized _________________ from PS1 are not returnedelectronsRather, they end up reducing ___________________ which is used in the light independent reactionsNADP+PSII