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Writing the script, gather hardware and software.
Audio Editing Software
When audio is captured and imported into computer software to be manipulated and add effects.
Record audio, check or monitor audio levels, and save recorded audio.
Adjusting Track Levels
Increase or decrease of volume in a individual track to make sure all tracks blend together.
Use editing software to edit, optimize/finalize the output file to its proper size and file format.
Audio Panning
Audio that is recorded through separate channels.
Audio Effects
When changes are made to audio clips in order to modify the original sound to reach a particular outcome.
Background Audio
The music or sounds used in a voiceover played at a lower volume to add interest and depth to an audio production.
A section or portion of audio/recorded sound.
A gradual change in the volume of one audio clip to another audio clip.
A technique used to repeat a certain part of audio.
When a voice is solely used in an audio production.
When the volume gradually changes between audio clips.
Master Level
The overall output volume level of all tracks.
Over Modulation
When the levels of an audio recording are too high and cause a distorted sound.
The start and stopping of an audio clip at a defined part.
Volume Units Meter (VU Meter)
The visual symbol that is used to show the volume level in an audio production.

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