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Chapter 21: The New Deal

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What does it reveal about the Dust Bowl from 1935 to 1940?
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headed a Senate subcommittee that exposed the methods that employers used to combat unionization, including spies, private police forces, and violence
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Robert M. La Follette Jr.

insisted that constitutional guarantees of free thought and expression were essential to "nearly every form of freedom" and therefore deserved special protection
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Supreme Court

established the Civil Liberties Unit in the Department of Justice
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Attorney General Frank Murphy
Millions of women were excluded for Social Security, as it did not include domestic servants and women who did not work outside the home.
The profile of women was raised during the era by Secretary of Labor Frances Perkins and First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, who both advised the president.
Many employers refused to hire women if their husbands already earned a "living wage."
Attempts by Mexican-Americans to organize a union to represent their needs resulted in a brutal suppression.
Mexican-American citizens and Mexicans who recently arrived in the country were encouraged to return to Mexico.
Mexican-American politicians attempted to be classified as white in order to avoid suffering the same discrimination as African-Americans.