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The radius articulates with the

Ulna,carpals, and humerus

The genetically programmed death of cells is called


You would expect a peptide bond to link with

Two amino acids

The most abundant cell type in bone is


Which of the following is NOT a component of the Appendicular skeleton?

None of the above, all are appendicular bones
(femur, scapula,humerus, and metatarsals are in the skeleton)

Which of the following substances would be most acidic?

Stomach secretions, pH=1

Chemical reactions that asorb energy are called


What functions to propagate electrical signal from one place to another?


The most common type of cartilage is?

Hyaline Cartalige

The zygomatic arch is formed by the union of processes from which two bones?

Temporal and Zygomatic

the common term for the buccal region?


The suture that forms the articulation of the two parietal bones ?

Sagittal suture

Stem cells that can differentiate into osetoblasts are called


This prevents damaging bone to bone contact within movable joints

Articular cartilage

The expanded articular end of an epiphsis that is separeted from the shaft by a narrower neck is termed

An Head

The shaft of a long bone is

The diaphysis

Which of the following is NOT an upper limb bone?


Epithelial cells exhibit modifications that adapt them for


The tissue that always has a "top" and a "bottom" is

Epithelial tissue (base layer and bottom layer)

The suture that forms the articulation of the parietal bones with the frontal bones is the

coronal suture

A homogenenous mixture containing a solvent and a solute is

a Solution

A hole through a bone is termed


The triplet codes needed to specify a specific polypeptide chain are found in the


The three familiar states of matter are solids, liquids and


The wrist is ________ to the Elbow


The epithelial that line body cavities and blood vessels are classified as

Simple Squamous

Lungs are to the respiratory system as the liver is the

Digestive System

The scapula articulates with the humerus at the


__________ are soluble inorganic compounds whose solutions will conduct an electrical current.


Sinus inflammation is termed ________


Chondrocytes are to cartilage as osteocytes are to


Simple columnar Epithelia are found

Lining the stomach

The second cervical vertebra is usually call the


The clearest distinction between a male and female skeleton is seen in the characteristics of the


Each of the following is associated with the temporal bone, EXCEPT the

sella turcica

During mitosis, chromatids seperate into daughter chromosomes during


When homeostatic mechanisms fail, and individual will experience the symptoms of ______________

Illness or disease

Ossification of the sternum is not complete until at least age of


The Pyrimidine bases found in DNA are

Cystonin and Thymine

If a pair of electrons is unequally shared between two atoms, a __________ occurs.

Polar covalent bond

Which of the following bones is classified as "irregular" in shape?


Ribs that have no connection to the sternum are called

false ribs

Which of the following statements about water is NOT correct?

Has a relatively low heat capacity

A small rough bump on bone where a tendon attaches is called ____________


The analysis of the internal structure of individual cells is called


Each of the following bones is a component of the orbital complex, EXCEPT the ___________

Nasal Bone

The pituitary gland and thyroid gland are organs of the ________________ system


A fracture at the ankle involving both lower leg bones is ofter called a _____________

Pott fracture

Which of the following labels best matches osteocytes?

Mature bone cell

____________ free calcium from bone to maintain blood calcium levels.


Blood is distributed from the surface of a bone to deeper central canals through channels known as ______________

Perforation Canals

A skull bone that could be described as looking like a bat with wings extended is the


The smallest stable units of matter are


You would find pseudostratified columnar epithelium lining the


Simple cuboidal epithelium is found

Forming the kidney tubules (duct)

The lining of the heart and blood vessels is called


The body's first tissue response to any injury is


During the process of ___________ an exisiting tissue is replaced by bone.


Which of the following is arranged in correct order from most complex to the simplest?

Organisms,system,organ,tissue,cellular, molecular

The _____________ of a solution is the negative logarithm of the hydrogen ion concentration expressed in moles per liter.


When activated, lysosomes function in

Digestion of foreign material

A solution containing equal numbers of hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions is


Which of the following is not a characteristic of the male pelvis?

The angle of the pubic arch is greater than 100 degrees

Which of the following membranes line cavities that communicate with the exterior of the body?


Bone is composed of _________ percent cells.


Which of the following is NOT a part of the pelvis?

Lumbar Vertbrae

All are true of neurons, EXCEPT that

They are specialized form of connective tissue.

The longest and heaviest bone in the body is the


_________fractures are completely internal; they do not break through the skin.


Which of the following is the heel bone?


Anatomy has a specialized language,called______________, that involves the use of word roots, prefixes,suffixs, and combining forms to construct terms related to the body in health and disease.

Medical Terminology

Compounds that can be synthesized or broken down by chemical reactions in the body are called


Which of the following bones is NOT part of the Appendicular skeleton?


Endochondral ossificiation begins with the formation of a

Cartilage model

The watery fluid component of the blood is called ____________


When seated, the weight of the body is borne by the

Ischial tuberosities

The combination of fibers and ground substance in supporting connective tissues is known as


Which of the following is NOT considered an abdominopelvic region


Which of these constitutes the pectoral girdle?

Clavicles and scapulae

Glands that secrete hormones in the interstitial fluid are

Endocrine glands

Ribs 8 to 13 are called __________because they do not attach directly to the sternum.

False ribs

An imaging technique that uses a magnetic field and radio waves to produce views inside the body is the

MRI scan

The "atomic number" of an atom is determined by the number of _________ it has


The four curves of the adult spinal column are not all present at birth. Which of the following are the secondary curves, those that do not appear until several months later?

Cervical and lumbar

You witness one of your friends in a fight. your friend Gregg is hit in the jaw and when looking at him you see his face is misaligned. What has he broken?


Humans normally have_______ pairs of ribs


The heart is _________to the lungs.


the watery component of the cytoplasm is called


If a response INCREASES a disturbance, the system is classified as a _________ feedback system.


The vertebral column contains _________lumbar vertebrae.


Bone plays a central role in the regulation of blood levels of


The sacrum protect these organs:

Digestive, urinary, and reproductive

The study of the general form and superficial markings of an organism is called ____________anatomy.


Which of the following is a NOT characteristic of the female pelvis?

Coccyx points anteriorly

Osseous tissue is also called


The molecule DNA contains a five-carbon sugar called


Which of the following regions corresponds to the buttocks?


The mass number represents the number of

Protons + Neutrons

The control center for cellular operations is the


The purines found in DNA are

Adenine and Guanine

Tina falls and fracture her pisiform bone. What part of the body was injured:


Chemical reactions that yield energy, such as heat, are said to be


The surface feature present along the lateral border of the shaft of humerus is the

Deltoid tuberosity

The clavicle articulates with the scapula at the


An anatomical term that means the SAME as ventral:


Carbohydrate molecules

Are the body's most readily available source of energy

Identify a structure located within the mediastinum

Pericardial Sac

Which of these is a forearm bone?


Which organ system removes carbon dioxide from the bloodstream?


The known as the diaphragm separates the _________ from the _________.

Thoracic cavity; adominopelvic cavity

The heart and blood vessels are lined by

simple squamous epithelium

Tissue that is specialized for contraction is ___________ tissue.


The humerous is an example a _________ bone.


Isotopes of an element differ in the number of

Neutrons in the nucleus

Chemical reactions that release energy are called


Ionic bonds are formed when

Electrons are completely transferred from one atom to another.

The center of an atom is called the


A polysaccharide that is formed in liver and muscle cells to store glucose is


Extracellular fluid serves as

A reserve area

The serous membrane covering the stomach and most of the intestines is called the


Epithelial cells that are adapted for absorption or secretion usually have ____________ at their free surface.


Small, oddly shaped bones that fill gaps between bones of the skull are called _________ bones.


Molecules that do not readily dissolve in water are called


the lower jaw articulates with the temporal bone at the

Mandibular fossa

What organ is located in the lacrimal fossa

The lacrimal ramus

The ribs articulate with the

Thoracic vertebrae

Kinetic energy is stored as ___________ energy when a spring is stretched.


The study of the function of specific organ systems is called

systemic physiology

Atoms of the same element whose nuclei contain the same number of protons, but different numbers of neutrons, are called


The central canal of an osteon contains

Blood vessels

Which of the following is NOT part of the axial division of the skeletal system:

Pectoral girdle

The epithelium that lines the body cavities is known as


Cells that store fat are called


The basic shapes of epitherlial cells include all of the following, EXCEPT


Cholesterol,phospholipids, and glycolipids are examples of

Structural lipids

The _____________ allow for a wide range of head movements.

Cervical vertebra

The odontoid process is found on the


The hypophyseal fossa of the sella turcica contains the __________ gland.


The most abundant high-energy compound is cells is

Adenosine triphosphate (ATP)

The lining of the medullary cavity is called the


When stress is applied to a bone,

The minerals in the bone produce a weak electrical field that attracts osteoblasts.

Anatomical features that changes during illness are studied in ___________anatomy


During ionization, water molecules disrupt the ionic bonds of a salt to produce a mixture of ions. These ions can carry a current and so are called


Ions with a + charge are called


Most of the fat found in the human body is in the form of


A person lying face down is in the________position


___________fibers are stronger than steel when stretched.


_________is the fluid componet of connective tissue.


The chin is ________ to the nose.


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