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  1. Anatomical features that changes during illness are studied in ___________anatomy
  2. The actual mass of an atom is known as its
  3. The known as the diaphragm separates the _________ from the _________.
  4. Skin,hair, and nails are associated with the ________ system.
  5. Epithelial cells exhibit modifications that adapt them for
  1. a Thoracic cavity; adominopelvic cavity
  2. b Pathological
  3. c Atomic weight
  4. d Integumentary
  5. e secretions

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  1. Lumbar Vertbrae
  2. Forming the kidney tubules (duct)
  3. simple squamous epithelium
  4. Synsitis
  5. Structural lipids

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  1. Which of the following bones is NOT part of the Appendicular skeleton?Sacrum


  2. The kidneys and ureters are organs of the _________ system.Urinary


  3. The purines found in DNA areCations


  4. If a response DECREASES a disturbance,the system is classified as a _____________ feedback system.Energy


  5. During the process of ___________ an exisiting tissue is replaced by bone.Ossification