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  1. Which of the following terms is NOT used to define the structure that separates the contents of a human cell from its surrounding medium?
  2. Which organ system provides support, protection of soft tissue, mineral storage, and blood formation?
  3. The study of the function of specific organ systems is called
  4. The three familiar states of matter are solids, liquids and
  5. The longest and heaviest bone in the body is the
  1. a Femur
  2. b Skeletal
  3. c Cell wall
  4. d Gases
  5. e systemic physiology

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  1. Femur
  2. Digestive, urinary, and reproductive
  3. Endothelium
  4. Sesamoid
  5. Erthrocyte

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  1. A person lying face down is in the________positionProne


  2. The four curves of the adult spinal column are not all present at birth. Which of the following are the secondary curves, those that do not appear until several months later?Cervical and lumbar


  3. The study of the liver is to gross anatomy as the study of the liver cell is toDigestive System


  4. The serous membrane covering the stomach and most of the intestines is called thePeritoneum


  5. Ions with a negative charge are called _________Kneecap