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  1. Ribs that have no connection to the sternum are called
  2. The quadrants of the abdominopelvic region include of the following EXCEPT
  3. The hypophyseal fossa of the sella turcica contains the __________ gland.
  4. Chemical reactions that yield energy, such as heat, are said to be
  5. Which of following is a function of the axial skeleton?
  1. a false ribs
  2. b Pelvic quadrant
  3. c Exergonic
  4. d Pituitary
  5. e Provides an attachment for muscles that move the appendicular skeleton
    Provides an attachment for muscles that move the head,neck, and trunk
    Provides an attachment for muscles involved in respiration

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  1. Plasma
  2. 12
  3. Electrolytes
  4. Exergonic
  5. Nucleic acids

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  1. Which one of the following is NOT one of the four main tissue categories?Osseous tissue


  2. During the process of ___________ an exisiting tissue is replaced by bone.Ossification


  3. Synthesis of lipids and glycogen takes place at theSmooth ER


  4. This type of feedback exaggerates the effects of variations from normalMesothelium


  5. Bone is composed of _________ percent cells.2%