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  1. The complex structures of DNA and protein found in the cell nucleus are
  2. In living cells, complex metabolic reactions proceed in the series of step called a ____________
  3. each of the following is an example of an inorganic compound, EXCEPT
  4. A type of intercellular juction that stops materials from crossing an epithlium between cells is termed an
  5. The analysis of the internal structure of individual cells is called
  1. a Pathways
  2. b Cytology
  3. c Chromosomes
  4. d Rocks
  5. e Desmosome

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  1. Triglycerides
  2. Anterior fontanel
  3. Thoracic and abdominopelvic
  4. Integumentary
  5. Oval

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  1. The principal cations in our body fluids are ________ and ___________.Kneecap


  2. __________ are soluble inorganic compounds whose solutions will conduct an electrical current.Phospholipids


  3. The smallest living unit within the human body isThe cell


  4. The "atomic number" of an atom is determined by the number of _________ it hasProtons + Neutrons


  5. The bones that form the palm are theAdipocytes