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  1. Which organ system removes carbon dioxide from the bloodstream?
  2. The known as the diaphragm separates the _________ from the _________.
  3. The adult skeleton contains _______ major bones.
  4. When stress is applied to a bone,
  5. a process that requires cellular energy to move a substance against its concentration gradient is called
  1. a 206
  2. b The minerals in the bone produce a weak electrical field that attracts osteoblasts.
  3. c Diffusion
  4. d Thoracic cavity; adominopelvic cavity
  5. e Respiratory

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  1. Metetarsals(feet)
  2. Has a relatively low heat capacity
  3. Hyiod
  4. The outermost electron shell
  5. Isomers

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  1. A________ is a rounded passageway for passage of blood vessels and/or nerves.Canal


  2. Each of the following is associated with the temporal bone, EXCEPT thesella turcica


  3. The study of the general form and superficial markings of an organism is called ____________anatomy.Nasal Bone


  4. Which of these is a forearm bone?Radius


  5. A changer within a bone normally with air is a _________Cation